The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt Guide

The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt

A small hydroelectric power station that provides the power to Yara is on lockdown with no way in…or is there. You will be tasked with making your way into an office inside this power station in order to claim a secret stash of supplies.

This treasure hunt goes against the grain of normal treasure hunts that we have seen in this game so far. It is not overly difficult but it will require you to spend a little more time reading notes that are hanging around the power station.

If you need some help with this, check out the truest Yaran treasure hunt video guide below and this will show you how to make your way through the power station puzzle to get the hidden treasure.

How To Clear The Water Pipes

The location of the blocked water pipes is quite hard to describe. You will need to spend some time searching around the water if you are not able to watch the video above. You can identify a clogged pipe from a large open hatch on a pipe and you will see some clear dirt inside of it.

To clear the dirt from a pipe, use a melee attack and it will clear the mud and close over the lid. This will cause a large amount of water to begin draining away, opening up the path for you to find the next clogged pipe that you will have to perform the same activity on.

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