Supply-Eyeing Fliers Quest Guide

Supply-Eyeing Fliers

Supply-Eyeing Fliers is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom that you will pick up from a Rito who is trapped on the top of a hill with three creatures flying above him, stopping him from leaving. He will ask you to take care of the three flying creatures before he can leave, but how do you do this?

The creatures you need to kill are too high for you to strike them with an arrow from your bow. So how do you get up there? The answer is using a Pinecone. You should have one in your inventory at this stage but if not, go check some nearby trees and you should find them near the base of the tree.

Drop the pinecone on the fire and it should cause a huge burst of flames and create a massive updraft. Jump into this and use your glider and it will bring you up to the height of the creatures circling above. Use your bow to take the three of them out and when they are all dead, return back down to the Rito.

Speak with him and he will thank you and award you with a nice 50 Rupee piece for helping him.

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