Silent Hill 2: Wood Side Apartment Walkthrough

Wood Side Apartment Walkthrough

Welcome to the Wood Side Apartment for Silent Hill 2! Let’s navigate this eerie place step by step. Just follow these directions, and you’ll find all the key items and progress through seamlessly.

Locating the Essentials: The Map, Health Drink, and Save Point

  1. Get the map: As soon as you enter the apartment after clearing the east Southvale area, check the corkboard to your left. You’ll find the ‘Map of Apartment Bldg.’ there.
  2. Don’t miss the Health Drink: Look at the raised area under the staircase before going up to find a ‘Health Drink.’
  3. Locate the Save Point: Still on the first floor, you’ll find a save point on the right wall.

Enabling Your Flashlight

  1. Head upstairs: Ascend the stairs and enter the door on the second floor.
  2. Find the light: Run East until you reach the end of the hallway. Enter the last room on your right with the bright light.
  3. Bag the Flashlight: The dress in this room hides a ‘Flashlight.’ But be warned! The moment you pick it up, a mannequin enemy will attack. Remember, there’s no need for heroics here. Grab the flashlight, and then make a swift exit from the room.

Gathering Items and Advancing

  1. Venture into Room 210: Back in the hallway, turn right, follow the hall around the corner, and enter Room 210—the first room on your left.
  2. Collect the bullets: Scoop up the ‘Handgun Bullets’ off the table and nab more ‘Handgun Bullets’ in the bedroom.
  3. Return to stairway: Time to return to the sound of creaky wooden steps. Run back to the door leading to the staircase.

The Mysterious Key and Handgun on the Third Floor

  1. Third-floor investigations: Ascend to the third floor and head into the hallway.
  2. The unreachable key: Approach the bars on your right, and you’ll notice a key. Opt to pick it up, and you’ll trigger a scene.
  3. Room 301 explorations: For your next moves, run West and enter the last room in the hall on your left (Room 301). Look at the handle of the shopping cart to find a ‘Handgun.’ With this weapon secured, you can now explore further on the second floor.

Second Floor Adventures and Key Findings

  1. The haunting cry: Back on the second floor, run East. You’ll recognize you’re on the right track when you hear a chilling cry as you reach the fork in the hallway.
  2. The man in front of the television: Follow the hallway North until the end, and enter the last door on your right (Room 208). Inside the room, you’ll find a man sitting in front of a television. Have a look at the shelf next to him to find the ‘Key to Room 202.’ Take the key, and leave the room.
  3. Unlock Room 202: With the key in hand, head South to Room 202. Enter the bedroom and examine the hole next to the bed. Be brave, reach in, and you’ll discover a ‘Clock Key.’

Solving the Clock Puzzle and Advancing

  1. The clue and the clock: Return to room 208 and move to the small room at the North end of the apartment. You’ll find a clock there. Using the Clock Key, you can open the clock face and adjust the hands. However, to proceed, the clock must display a specific time.
  2. Set the time: Look at the clue on the wall behind you. You’ll see three clock hands labeled “Henry,” “Mildred,” and “Scott,” which correspond to hours, minutes, and seconds. To set the clock, stand next to it and open your inventory to select and use the Clock Key. Adjust the clock’s time to 9:10. If you’ve set the right time, you should hear a clicking sound. Inspect the right side of the clock to push it out of the way, then bravely enter the opening.

More Items and Key Discoveries

  1. Food and Safety: While in the kitchen, nab a ‘Health Drink’ from the counter and spot a much-needed save point on the end table in the living room.
  2. More stairs to climb: After you’ve collected everything, leave the room, head North, and climb the stairs to the third floor.
  3. Drama in Room 307: Continue South past the first two doors and enter Room 307–prepare yourself for an intense scene. Following the scene, step back into the closet and add the ‘Courtyard Key’ to your inventory.
  4. Fire Escape Key and First Aid: Carefully exit the room and dash down the hallway. Turn West at the end to pick up a key that was previously out of your reach: the ‘Fire Escape Key.’ With this key in hand, head to the nearest room (Room 303). While there, grab the ‘First-Aid Kit’ off the table and ‘Handgun Bullets’ from the bedroom. Don’t forget to swing by the kitchen and grab another ‘Health Drink.’
  5. Stairwell to the First Floor: Leave the room and rush West down the hallway. Enter the stairwell at the end of the hall and descend to the first floor.
  6. More Prize Finds: At the North end of the first-floor hallway, pick up ‘Canned Juice’ from the ground. Instead of climbing back up the stairs, walk South and simply exit the apartment through the front door. Outside, run West, and you’ll find the main door where you first entered.

Trash Exploration and Courtyard Access

  1. Back to the Second Floor: Go in and climb the stairs back up to the second floor.
  2. Unblocking the Trash Chute: Once you’re in the hallway, go into the conveniently located laundry room next to the stairwell door. Examine the trash chute to find it packed with garbage. Time to clean up, my friend! Position yourself in front of the trash chute, open your inventory, and use the Canned Juice. This will knock all the garbage loose.
  3. Down to the Trash Pickup Area: Exit the building, go down the stairs, and head right. There you’ll find an alley heading to the trash pickup area. Examine the area to find a ‘Coin [Old Man]’ and take a moment to read the informative magazine article as well.
  4. Into the Courtyard: Back inside the main door, run North to the end of the first floor. Use your Courtyard Key to unlock the door and head into the courtyard.
  5. Danger and Coins: In the Northwest part of the courtyard, you’ll find a large drained pool with a baby carriage inside. Examine it to receive a ‘Coin [Snake].’ But watch out for the three patient monsters currently occupying the pool. Got your coin? Great! Now exit to the East to reach the blue creek apartments.

More Room Explorations and Key Collections

  1. Haunting Scenes: Head South and enter Room 101, and prepare yourself for a chilling scene in the bathroom.
  2. Collecting Bullets: Finished handling the heebie-jeebies? Snap up the ‘Handgun Bullets’ on the living room floor before you leave. Go North down the hall and enter Room 104. More ‘Handgun Bullets’ await you on the chair.
  3. Fire Escape Key Time: All collected up? Cool! Now, get back through the courtyard to the main entrance and stairwell of the apartment. Ascend the stairs to the second floor, then examine the door at the West end of the hall, and use your Fire Escape Key. Steady on, friend. You’re about to step into the next area!

Wood Side Apartment FAQ

How to Find the Flashlight in Silent Hill 2?

In the Wood Side Apartment, make your way to the stairs and climb up to the second floor. Run East along the hallway, avoiding any frightful distractions. Enter the last room on your right – be guided by the appearance of a bright light. Examine the dress carefully, and voila! There’s your flashlight. However, get ready to bolt! Once you take the flashlight, a mannequin enemy will spawn. Don’t engage with it; just hightail it out of there.

How Do I Solve the Clock Puzzle in the Wood Side Apartment?

Once you have acquired the ‘Clock Key,’ make your way to Room 208, where you will find a clock in the small room on the North end of the apartment. Behind the clock, on the wall, you’ll find your clue. You’ll see three clock hands with corresponding names “Henry,” “Mildred,” and “Scott,” representing hours, minutes, and seconds, respectively. Use your Clock Key on the clock and set the time to 9:10. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll hear a satisfying click. Check the right side of the clock, push it out of the way, and prepare to venture into the unknown through the newly revealed opening.

Where Do I Find the Handgun in Wood Side Apartment?

Climb to the third floor of the apartment building and go into the hallway. Run West until you reach the last room on your left, Room 301. Once you’re there, check the handle of the shopping cart in the room. Surprise, surprise, there’s a ‘Handgun’ waiting for you! Bag this weapon, and you can now navigate previously unreachable areas on the second floor.

How to Use the Canned Juice in Silent Hill 2?

Once you have the ‘Canned Juice,’ go back to the second floor of the apartment. Check out the laundry room next to the stairwell door. There, you will find a trash chute blocked by garbage. Stand in front of the trash chute, open your inventory, and select the Canned Juice. It will clear the blockage and send all the trash straight to the pickup area below the building.

How Do I Gain Access to the Wood Side Apartment Courtyard in Silent Hill 2?

If you’ve followed the guide until Room 307, you would have found a ‘Courtyard Key.’ To use this, return to the main entrance of the apartment, go North to the end of the first floor, and use the Courtyard Key on the door there. Voila! You now have access to the apartment’s creepy but vital courtyard.

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