Silent Hill 2: Toluca Prison Walkthrough

Toluca Prison Walkthrough

Having made it through the Historical Society, you will find yourself in the darker parts of the Toluca Prison. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get through this level in Silent Hill 2.

Landing and Initial Exploration

  1. Upon landing, watch the cutscene.
  2. Grab a ‘Health Drink’ from the table and one more lying nearby.
  3. On the shelf, don’t miss the tablet of ‘Gluttonous Pig.’
  4. Look for a save point on the support near you.
  5. Exit the cafeteria via a door next to a corpse.

Venturing Further

  1. Take a turn North down the hallway.
  2. As you pass the first desk on your left, grab the ‘Handgun Bullets.’
  3. Make sure to pick up the ‘Map of Prison’ at the second desk.
  4. Head South and step inside the large shower room in the middle.

Exploring the Shower Room

  1. Start walking North and inspect the far-right shower for the ‘The Seductress’ tablet.
  2. Head South down the hallway, and enter the first hallway leading to the prison cells.

Prison Cells

  1. In the first open cell, you’ll find ‘Handgun Bullets. Meanwhile, in the second cell, say hello to a ‘Wax Doll.’
  2. Bid goodbye to the cell block via East and turn North in the hallway.
  3. Scoop up the ‘Handgun Bullets’ off the desk on your left up ahead.
  4. Keep moving North and walk through the double doors on your left.

Additional Rounds and Gathering the Tablets

  1. Don’t miss the ‘Rifle Shells’ in this area.
  2. Exit and head North down the hall, enter the next door on your left leading to the Southern blocks of the North cell block.
  3. The tablet of ‘The Oppressor’ awaits in the 7th cell.
  4. Now that you’ve collected all three tablets, head back East and step into the vast outdoor area.

Outdoor Area and Resulting Reaction

  1. The platform in the center has three square indentations, perfect for our tablets. To access your inventory, use Gluttonous Pig, The Seductress, and The Oppressor. Speed things up by combining and using all three at once!
  2. Hear that scream? That’s your cue to head back into prison.

Further Traversal and Inventory Expansion

  1. Upon re-entry, you’ll automatically pick up the ‘Horseshoe’ on the door handle.
  2. Make your way through one of the cell blocks back to the West hallway.
  3. Here, you’ll see two doors at the North end. Take the lower door first for the ‘First-Aid Kit’, then reach the Western-most hallway through the upper door.

Final Gathering Before Diving

  1. Just a few steps down, you’ll find a room to the East. Pick up the lighter off the ledge.
  2. Head South and into the third room from where you were. Here’s another bathroom with a save point above one of the urinals.
  3. Leave and head for the room West of this one. You can add a ‘Health Drink,’ ‘First-Aid Kit’ and an ‘Ampoule’ by the sink to your inventory.
  4. Through the North door in this room, you’ll find a ‘Hunting Rifle’ in a glass case. Inspect it again for ‘Rifle Shells’ and beside it for additional ‘Rifle Shells’ and ‘Shotgun Shells.’
  5. Return to the hall, and head through the metal gate to the South. Check the panel on the floor to notice a lack of handle.
  6. Access your inventory once again and merge the following items: the Lighter, Wax Doll, and Horseshoe.

Time to Take the Plunge

  1. Once combined, inspect the hole and choose to jump down. Get ready for a short adventure until you reach the elevator.
  2. Inside the elevator, there are ‘Shotgun Shells,’ ‘Handgun Bullets,’ a first-aid Kit,’ and ‘Rifle Shells.’ Don’t worry; the elevator will start moving on its own.
  3. Finally, leave the elevator, save your progress, and head through the final door to find your way to the Labyrinth.

Toluca Prison FAQ

Where can I find all three tablets in Toluca Prison?

To snag all three tablets, follow these steps:

  1. You’ll find the ‘Gluttonous Pig’ tablet on a shelf just after you land in Toluca Prison.
  2. In the shower room, inspect the far-right shower to grab the ‘Seductress’ tablet.
  3. The ‘Oppressor’ tablet is located inside the 7th cell in the Southern blocks of the North cell block.

Remember to explore each area thoroughly, so you don’t miss any of these crucial items!

How do I use the three tablets in the outdoor area?

Once you’ve collected all the tablets, head to the outdoor area, where you’ll find a platform with three square indentations. Use the Gluttonous Pig, Seductress, and Oppressor tablets from your inventory on the platform. To save some time, combine all three tablets and use them at once. This action will trigger a scream, signaling the next phase of your adventure.

What items do I need to combine to open the hole in the floor panel?

In this tricky section, you’ll need to combine the Lighter, Wax Doll, and Horseshoe to open the hole in the floor panel. Here’s the breakdown of where to find these items:

  1. Pick up the lighter in the first room to the East after entering the Westernmost hallway.
  2. The Wax Doll is located in the second open cell in the first hallway leading to the prison cells.
  3. The Horseshoe is automatically picked up when you re-enter the prison after using the tablets in the outdoor area.

Once you have all three items, access your inventory, combine them, and use them on the floor panel!

How do I navigate through Toluca Prison’s confusing layout?

The trick to navigating Toluca Prison is to follow specific markers, like desks or open cell doors, that indicate key locations. Make sure to collect the ‘Map of Prison’ at the second desk as you head North down the hall, which will help you keep track of your location in the prison.

When exploring different areas, backtrack, and keep your eyes open for any doors, cell blocks, or hallways, leading you to the next stage of the game.

Where can I find all the essential items in the prison before jumping down the hole?

To ensure you have everything you need before taking the plunge, be thorough with your exploration, and pick up essential items as you go along. Here are a few key locations:

  1. First-Aid Kits: Found on the shelf near the Hunting Rifle and in the room with the first Health Drink.
  2. Handgun Bullets: Found in the first open prison cell, on a desk in the hallway, and near the Hunting Rifle.
  3. Health Drinks: Two Health Drinks are found near the table and shelf where you land in Toluca Prison. There’s another Health Drink in the room opposite the bathroom with the save point.

Keep investigating and utilizing your map to avoid missing any important items. Jump down that hole with confidence, knowing you’re prepared to face any challenges that come your way.

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