Silent Hill 2: Streets of Silent Hill Part 2 Walkthrough

Streets of Silent Hill Part 2 Walkthrough

Welcome back to the streets of Silent Hill! In this guide, I’ll walk you through your journey back to the streets of Silent Hill after completing Brookhaven Hospital. This guide will take you through some new areas of the town to see what sort of horrors are ahead.

Leaving the Hospital

  1. As soon as you step out of the hospital, take a right and sprint South down the street.
  2. At the corner, make a right turn West onto Rendell Street. Keep an eye out for a car with a couple of goodies behind it, including a ‘First-Aid Kit’ and ‘Health Drink.’
  3. Continue West until you find ‘Handgun Bullets’ and an ‘Ampoule’ on the left side of the blockade.

Gathering Supplies on Rendell Street and Munson Street

  1. Head East on Rendell Street past the corner, staying on the North sidewalk.
  2. Look for a small parking area where the fence opens up and collect two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells’ and ‘Rifle Shells’ scattered around.
  3. Snag more ‘Rifle Shells’ and ‘Handgun Bullets’ were found further East in the same area.
  4. Follow the road East, and turn South onto Munson. At the South end of the street, you’ll hit a dead end but not before scoring two sets of ‘Handgun Bullets.’

Exploring Saul Street and Neely Street

  1. Retrace your steps North and go East onto Saul Street. Just as you start down this street, check the Southern sidewalk by the door for two ‘Health Drinks.’
  2. Continue East through the tunnel and into the chain-link gate. Watch out for new enemies hanging from the grating – they won’t bother you unless you stop.
  3. In the next area, find a motorhome on your right with a ‘First-Aid Kit’ right beside it. Enter, save your game, and then exit the motorhome.

Scouring the Streets for Supplies

  1. Since you’re our friend, we’re giving you the inside scoop on some extra goodies. Head East from the motorhome and immediately find two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells’ on your right.
  2. Follow the road East and stay on the South sidewalk to locate two sets of ‘Handgun Bullets’ beside some newspaper dispensers.
  3. Turn North onto Neely Street and grab a ‘First-Aid Kit’ on the West sidewalk near the corner.
  4. Find ‘Rifle Shells’ at the corner of Happy Burger and more ‘Rifle Shells’ on the other side of the building.
  5. Cross Neely Street to the West and pick up a ‘First-Aid Kit’ in front of one of the stores.
  6. Head Northeast to Neely’s Bar and grab the ‘Handgun Bullets’ out front.
  7. Run East on Sanders Street, sticking to the South sidewalk. Approach the corner and find a small set of stairs leading to two ‘Shotgun Shells.’
  8. Continue to the corner and turn right (South) onto Lindsey Street. After a couple of steps, check the set of stairs on your right for a ‘Health Drink’ at the top.
  9. Keep going East down Sanders on the South sidewalk until you reach the Flower Shop. In the parking lot in front of a car, pick up two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells’ and ‘Handgun Bullets.’

Finding the Old Bronze Key

  1. Make your way to the corner of Saul and Lindsey Street. Head North, staying on the West sidewalk.
  2. Check out the second residential house on your left for something on the front porch. Examine it to find a letter and a ‘Wrench.’
  3. Go to Neely’s Bar, then head North. As you run along the road, look for a ‘Health Drink’ and another ‘Health Drink’ on the West sidewalk.
  4. Reach the corner of Neely and Katz, and grab the ‘Handgun Bullets’ on the left corner.
  5. Go North and pick up the ‘Handgun Bullets’ in front of the Lucky Jade Restaurant, then East across the street to find ‘Rifle Shells’ and ‘Health Drink’ at Big Jay’s.
  6. Make your way back to the Wood Side Apartment, but don’t go in. Instead, continue West to the door and go through, returning to Western Silent Hill.
  7. With the ‘Wrench’ in hand, head to the statue at Rosewater Park West. Examine the small mound of dirt behind the statue and choose to dig, then use the ‘Wrench’ to find the ‘Old Bronze Key.’

Entering the Historical Society

  1. Head back to Nathan Avenue and start your trek West, staying on the North side of the street.
  2. Enter the parking lot and pick up the ‘First-Aid Kit’ at the top.
  3. Continue a bit West and finally enter the Historical Society.

Silent Hill Part 2 FAQ

How do I find the ‘First-Aid Kit’ and ‘Health Drink’ after leaving Brookhaven Hospital?

After leaving Brookhaven Hospital, turn right and run South down the street. When you reach the corner, make a right onto Rendell Street. You should spot a car with items just behind it. These include a ‘First-Aid Kit’ and ‘Health Drink.’

What items can I find on Rendell Street in Silent Hill 2?

Rendell Street is a veritable treasure trove, my friend! As you head East past the corner, stay on the North sidewalk. You will soon come across a small parking area where the fence opens up and find two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells’ and ‘Rifle Shells.’ Further East from here in the same area, you will find even more ‘Rifle Shells’ and ‘Handgun Bullets.’

Where do I encounter new enemies after leaving Brookhaven Hospital?

Don’t worry, I got your back. As you journey East through the tunnel and through the chain-link gate from Saul Street, you’ll come across new enemies that hang from the grating. They will mind their own business unless you stop, so keep a steady pace.

I’m lost. How do I find Neely’s Bar from the motorhome?

No worries, buddy! It’s easier than you think. Head East from the motorhome, go along the road, and turn North onto Neely Street. Keep going on this road and you’ll eventually find Neely’s Bar on the Northeast side.

How do I access the secret stash on Lindsey Street in Silent Hill 2?

Ah, looking for hidden treasures, aren’t you? Take a turn onto Lindsey Street from the corner of Sanders Street. Just a couple of steps in, and you’ll see a set of stairs on your right. Climb up and find a ‘Health Drink’ waiting just for you!

Where can I find the ‘Old Bronze Key’ in Silent Hill 2?

You’re on an important mission here! Once you’re at the corner of Saul and Lindsey Street, head North and find a porch with a letter and a ‘Wrench’ outside the second house on your left. Take that wrench to Rosewater Park West and locate a statue. Check out the small mound of dirt behind the statue, dig, and use the wrench to uncover the ‘Old Bronze Key.’ Adventurous, isn’t it?

How do I enter the Historical Society in Silent Hill 2?

Ready to dig into some history? First, you need to make your way to Nathan Avenue and trek all the way West. You’ll then encounter a parking lot. Grab the ‘First-Aid Kit’ at the top of the lot, go a bit West, and you’ll find the entrance to the Historical Society. Just step right in!

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