Silent Hill 2: Labyrinth Walkthrough

Labyrinth Walkthrough

You will find yourself in the Labyrinth after making it through Toluca Prison. This level is considerably longer than any levels you have taken on so far and the bad news is, you have two boss fights ahead of you. The step-by-step guide below will help you survive the onslaught ahead of you.

Initial Steps into the Labyrinth

  1. Kick things off by stepping forward and making a left at the corner.
  2. Head West until you rendezvous with a wall, then make a move South.
  3. You’re going to meet two ladders here. Choose the Northern one and climb down.
  4. At the bottom, make a right. If you catch the sound of footsteps, that’s our buddy Pyramid Head taking a stroll around, try not to bump into him, or better yet – run!
  5. Along the path, you’ll stumble upon a door. Go inside and have a look at the table to snag yourself the ‘Great Knife’ and two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells.’ The Great Knife can be a bit awkward, but it’s a mighty tool, indulge yourself and give it a whirl!
  6. Leaving the room, find and ascend the closest ladder you can spot.

The Puzzle Box and The Wire Cutter

  1. Back in the hallway, start your journey East from the two ladders, hanging a turn North at the fork.
  2. You’ll bump into another ladder at a broken section of the floor, power on down.
  3. Dash to the end of this area and climb up the next ladder in sight.
  4. In front of you, there will be a box looking a bit odd with faces on it. For either easy or normal difficulty, press up twice bringing the red face upright, then press right so that the yellow face hangs down. For hard difficulty, this won’t work because it’s randomly generated but don’t worry, just remember the cube direction changes the room behind you.
  5. Once completed, race through the room towards the stairs behind.
  6. Back up you go to the ladder near the puzzle box and examine the sparking fuse box beside it, you’ll receive a ‘Wire Cutter.’
  7. Now, it’s time to wind your way back to the entrance of the Labyrinth.

The Home Stretch

  1. If you spot a door completely wired off to the North of you, you’re on the right track!
  2. Get up close to the door and use the Wire Cutter to carve your path through.
  3. Follow the path and make a right at the fork, gettin’ up the ladder.
  4. Here comes another fork, make a right here too, and climb down the next ladder.
  5. At the bottom of this fork, swerve left (East), and follow the path around one corner.
  6. Lo and behold, a tricky-to-spot path led to a ladder going up.
  7. Follow this hallway around and descend the ladder at the end.
  8. You’ll come across two paths, both on your left. Choose the first and climb up the ladder.
  9. Grab the ‘Handgun Bullets’ lying right at the top.
  10. Next up, take the only other ladder heading down from here.
  11. Take a left from here and head up the ladder. You’re going to want to avoid the right path unless you’re keen on a face-off with Pyramid Head.
  12. If you follow the path I suggested, you’ll end up at a ladder leading up to two sets of ‘Handgun Bullets,’ which, trust me gamer, isn’t particularly worth your trouble.
  13. Renavigate your steps to the ladder you descended, retrace the left path from there, and climb up the next ladder. Phew, we’re getting there!
  14. Don’t forget to save your game, then proceed through the door.

Battling the Doorman – Tight Quarters, Epic Fight!

Now, this is where the real challenge begins! The Doorman can be a bit of a pain, and I totally understand. But remember, every boss has its weakness, and just like every other obstacle we’ve navigated, we’re going to tackle this one too.

  1. Picture this: A damp, dimly lit room. You, the intrepid hero, face off against the menacing Doorman in what almost feels too close for comfort. It’s an epic battle waiting to unfold!
  2. Choosing your weapon is crucial here. The Shotgun’s your best bud for this fight. It may not have the most shells, but boy, does it pack a punch! A word of advice from one gamer to another, in this kind of up-close brouhaha, pick firepower over quantity. The Hunting Rifle may seem tempting, but its slow reload time might leave you vulnerable – trust me!
  3. And here’s some more insider information: The Doorman isn’t as tough as he looks. Sure, he can take a hit, but so can you! Just remember to keep your distance as much as you can. Feed him a steady diet of shotgun shells, but always make sure to retreat to a safe distance after you’ve had your turns.
  4. The L1/R1 strafe buttons? Pure gold in this fight! Strategize and use them to sidestep and avoid the Doorman’s brutal attacks.
  5. And here’s a fun fact – the Doorman can actually suck you into his door thing. I know, right? Just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder! So watch out for that!
  6. One more thing that can catch you by surprise – the Doorman’s range. He might look like he’s out of your hair, but trust me, he lunges. So always give yourself plenty of time to retreat.
  7. But, my friend, the best part is this – there’s no time limit here. Take your time. To quote a wise person (well, meme), “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”
  8. With patience, precision, and about a dozen hits, the Doorman’s toast! Victory is sweet, isn’t it?

The Corpse Noose Puzzle

  1. Leave the room and proceed North through the door. Before you get lost in this labyrinth (again), head on to the first door on your right. Brace yourself, because you’ll find six… yes, you heard it right, six corpses.
  2. It’s time to put your memory skills to use. Memorize or jot down the positions of these bodies, and then make a swift exit. I know, gruesome, but we do what we have to do, right?
  3. Here’s where it gets creepy… er. Head all the way down the hallway and enter through the door on your left. No corpses here, but six ominous nooses instead.
  4. Now, this is where you put on your detective hat. Figure out which among these six souls was innocent, and yank the noose that corresponds to its position. Need a hint? That large sign in the room isn’t just for show. It’s got a riddle that’ll help you out.
  5. Okay, if you’d rather know straight up… the innocent man for each difficulty level are as follows –
    • Easy: Kidnapper
    • Normal: Arsonist
    • Hard: Counterfeiter
    • Extra: Thief
  6. With the innocent man’s noose pulled, head back to the corpse room, and you’ll find the ‘Key of the Persecuted’ on the ground, right under the spot where the man was hanging.
  7. Head all the way to the end of the hall and go through that door. Now, you’ll come across this handcuffed valve. Use the Key of the Persecuted and start your descent down the ladder.

The Journey to the Boat

  1. Stick to the path, make no turns, and go through the door to trigger a scene. Once it’s over, head back down and make a turn East at the fork. Atop the next ladder, you’ll find a handy ‘First-Aid Kit’ waiting for you.
  2. From there, you’re just a step away from a cemetery. Morbid as it may be, it’s a good loot spot. Load up on ‘Shotgun Shells’ (and plenty of them), an ‘Ampoule,’ and use the save point.
  3. There’s an open grave in the upper right corner. A little unsettling, sure, but jump on in!
  4. You’ll find yourself in a long hallway. Make a sprint all the way to the end and enter the door. Another scene, another part of the story!

Boss Fight: Eddie

Meet Eddie, the brute who’s as rough as they come. Now, I’ll be real with you. Eddie can be a tough nut to crack, especially given the close quarters. But here is a fun fact, in this situation, the Great Knife might actually prove handy. Land a solid overhead swing on Eddie, and you can move to the next stage of the battle. But If you’re not into the Great Knife, the Shotgun’s a decent plan B. Just watch out for Eddie’s gun!

After he’s taken enough damage, Eddie will retreat to the next room. Use this opportunity to pick up the ‘Shotgun Shells’ and ‘Rifle Shells.’

When you confront Eddie again, I recommend switching to the Hunting Rifle. Take cover, aim for your opening, and let him have it.

Eddie’s punch might seem weak, but trust me, get too close, and you’ll regret it. So, maintain your distance, and with enough shots from the Hunting Rifle, Eddie will fall.

The Boat Ride to Silent Hill’s Lakeside Hotel

Once Eddie is taken care of, make your way through the double doors, save the game at the barrel on your right, and head over to the end of the dock.

Step into the boat, and use the D-pad to turn towards the bright light in the distance. Start rowing towards it by pressing up.

Now, if you are in for more challenge and playing on Hard, spinning both analog sticks in opposite directions is how you row, and spinning them in the same direction is how you turn. Keep at it until you’ve finally made it to the light. Now it is time to move onto the lakeview hotel.

Silent Hill 2 Labyrinth FAQ

What is the solution for the Corpse Noose Puzzle at the Labyrinth level?

The solution depends on the game’s difficulty level. To identify the innocent man, check the large sign in the noose room for a riddle. Then, pull the noose that corresponds to the innocent man’s position. The innocent men are as follows:

  • Easy: Kidnapper
  • Normal: Arsonist
  • Hard: Counterfeiter
  • Extra: Thief

How do I obtain the Key of the Persecuted in the Labyrinth level?

After solving the Corpse Noose Puzzle, return to the corpse room. The ‘Key of the Persecuted’ will be on the ground where the innocent man was hanging.

How do I take down Abstract Daddy in the first boss fight of the Labyrinth level?

Keep your distance from Abstract Daddy and use firearms like the Shotgun or Handgun to deal damage. Time your shots to keep it at bay. When it’s down, move in to deliver a finishing melee attack with the Steel Pipe or Great Knife.

How do I avoid Eddie’s attacks during the first phase of the second boss fight in the Labyrinth level?

Either use the Great Knife for an overhead swing to progress quickly to the next stage or stick with the Shotgun. Just be alert and watch out for Eddie’s gun, which can deal significant damage.

How do I defeat Eddie in the second phase of the second boss fight in the Labyrinth level?

Once in the second room, switch to the Hunting Rifle. Take cover behind the large hunks of meat and aim for your openings. Be cautious not to get too close; otherwise, Eddie will deliver a powerful punch.

How do I navigate the boat after the Labyrinth level?

Turn the boat towards the bright light using the D-pad or, if playing on Hard difficulty, spin both analog sticks in opposite directions to row and in the same direction to turn. Keep rowing until you reach the light, triggering a scene.

How do I navigate the corridors of the Labyrinth in Silent Hill 2?

Don’t worry, navigating the labyrinth can indeed seem intimidating at first. But the key is staying patient, using your map often, and remembering which doors you have entered. It can also be helpful to leave markers (like dropping an item) in places you have visited already.

What’s the best way to fend off enemies in the Labyrinth level?

Hello there, combat artist! Here’s the deal; your safest bet would be your Shotgun or the Handgun. Play defensive, keep your distance, and aim for the torso. Remember, your safety comes first, so restarting from a previous save point is a smarter option than being reckless.

How do I maximize my resources at the Labyrinth level?

The labyrinth might feel like a war zone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strategize. Use melee weapons against weaker enemies to save ammo, and only use health items when absolutely necessary. Always be on the lookout for loot spots!

Are there any hidden or secret areas/items in the Labyrinth?

Ah, the thrill of treasure hunting! Keep those eyes peeled for hidden corners and inconspicuous doors; they can lead to extra ammo or healing items. Also, don’t forget to check beneath staircases and behind objects; who knows what you might find!

Is there a specific strategy for the Labyrinth level’s puzzles?

The Labyrinth holds some of the most complex puzzles of Silent Hill 2. Each puzzle requires you to pay attention to the details and use your wit. But remember, the game’s difficulty level affects the puzzle answers. So even if you’ve played before, a new difficulty level is a whole new challenge! Keep a notepad handy for scribbling down clues and details. Happy problem-solving, detective!

I’m stuck in the Labyrinth’s cemetery area. What do I do?

It’s easy to feel lost among the tombstones. Check each grave, especially the one in the upper right corner – it’s your doorway out of there. Just gather your courage and take the plunge!

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