Silent Hill 2: East Southvale Game Guide

East Southvale Game Guide

Let’s dive into East Southvale, the opening area of Silent Hill where a lot of horrors await! This guide will help to make sure you’re fully prepared for the challenges ahead. Just follow my lead, and we’ll have you navigating this creepy town like a pro.

Starting Off Right

  1. Get comfortable with the controls: The game starts you off in a pretty grimy bathroom. After taking a moment to get acquainted with the controls, leave the room and head outside.
  2. Grab your map: You’ll spot a car parked nearby with the driver’s side door open. Check out the seat to discover the essential Map of Silent Hill.

Onwards to Silent Hill

  1. Stairs and dirt paths: Locate the stairs at the upper left corner of the parking lot. Head down those stairs, and you’ll end up on a dirt path. Just stick to the path and keep going.
  2. Well, well, well: At some point, you’ll come across a small well on your right. Head up to it and examine the red object inside. Congrats, you’ve found your first save point!
  3. Up, through, and beyond Continue north along the path, and you’ll reach a gate leading to a graveyard. Approach the gravestones to trigger a cutscene. After the scene concludes, keep moving north until you reach another gate surrounded by a stone wall. Stay on the path and keep moving forward. If you’ve completed the game once before, you’ll hear a loud noise, and you can grab a Chainsaw as a reward.
  4. The long-awaited arrival: Finally, you’ll reach an area that marks your entrance to the town of Silent Hill.

Exploring Silent Hill

  1. First-Aid Kit: Head straight down the sidewalk to the left of the main road and look for a wooden fence just past the flower shop. There’s a First-Aid Kit waiting for you on a little table.
  2. Follow the blood: Follow the main road until you spot a blood streak on the ground. This is your path, as other directions are blocked off.

Side Road Fun

  1. Grab some goodies: The blood trail will lead you down a sideroad near a fenced area to your right. Enter the gate in the middle, and you’ll find a save point on a table, a Health Drink beside the table leg, and another Health Drink in the lower left corner.
  2. The wooden blockade: Head back to the dirt path, and although it seems like a dead end, examine the wooden barricade to get inside. Enjoy the cutscene that follows.

Fending Off Your First Monster

  1. Attack with R2 + X: You’ve got a weapon, the Wooden Plank, so get ready for your first battle! Hold R2 and press X to attack. You can adjust your attack’s power and speed by varying the pressure on the button.
  2. Finish it off: Go toe-to-toe with the monster and put that Wooden Plank to good use. Once the enemy goes down, head back out and witness another cutscene introducing the Radio.

Gathering Items in Town

  1. Navigating the streets: Now that you’re back on the main street, watch out for new enemies lurking around. Use your Wooden Plank for protection and follow Lindsey Street south to its intersection with Katz Street.
  2. Finding the Apartment Gate Key: Turn right onto Martin Street and follow it to the end. You’ll find a bloody corpse, which holds the Apartment Gate Key. On your way back, look for a Health Drink at a corner just before the green car and fence.

Optional Goodies

  1. Explore strategically: If you want to skip item hunting, jump to the next step. If not, continue searching the town, following your map. The places you’ll definitely want to check out are the Lucky Jade Restaurant, Neely’s Bar, Happy Burger, and the motor home at the corner of Saul and Harris.
  2. Head to Wood Side Apartment: Once you’re done exploring and collecting items, make your way to Wood Side Apartment, marked on your map. Running by the apartment fence on Katz Street, the camera will focus on a gate. Examine it using your Apartment Gate Key and enter through the main blue doors.

East Southvale FAQ

How do I find the Map of Silent Hill at the game’s start in Silent Hill 2?

No problem, friend! At the start of the game, when you find yourself outside after leaving that rather gross bathroom, look for a car parked nearby with the driver’s side door open. If you go and investigate the car seat, you’ll scoop up a ‘Map of Silent Hill’. Handy, right?

Where is the first save point located in Silent Hill 2?

Save points in Silent Hill 2 are tied to odd red objects you can find throughout the game. The first one? That, my friend, is located right inside a small well you’ll stumble upon along the dirt path you take from the parking lot. Examine the red object in the well, and voila – you’ve found your first save point!

What should I do when I reach the blood streak on the main road in Silent Hill 2?

The sight of the blood streak on the main road in Silent Hill 2 might make you nervy – and rightly so! But don’t sweat it, you’ve got this. Follow the direction of the blood trail. All other paths will be blocked off – so follow the crimson-streaked breadcrumb trail your mysterious adversary has left for you.

How do I secure the Apartment Gate Key in Silent Hill 2?

To secure the Apartment Gate Key, listen up. Go right onto Martin Street after the intersection of Lindsey and Katz Street. Follow that road till the end. Got a strong stomach? Good! Check out the poor bloody corpse you find there. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you pick up the Apartment Gate Key.

I’m lost in Silent Hill 2. How do I reach Wood Side Apartments?

Getting lost is part of the adventure, but let’s get you back on track. Once you’ve grabbed your map and explored to your heart’s content, head North on Neely Street and hang a West onto Katz Street. See the apartment fence on the Northern end of the road? The camera will focus on a specific gate as you run by. Examine that fence to use your newly-found Apartment Gate Key. Straight through those main blue doors, you go!

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