Silent Hill 2: Alternative Bookhaven Hospital Walkthrough

Alternative Bookhaven Hospital Walkthrough

Having made your way through the Brookhaven Hospital and defeated the Hanging Demons boss, you will find yourself waking up in the garden of a hospital in a different reality. The following step-by-step guide will help you get through this level.

Exploring the Ground Floor

  1. Start in the garden after waking up. Head through the door and walk south, snatching up those ‘Shotgun Shells.’ Oh, and don’t forget to save your game!
  2. Make your way into the West hall and enter room C2. Inside, you’ll find a handy ‘First-Aid Kit’ for those inevitable injuries.
  3. Now, leave C2 and take a few steps right. Room C1 is waiting for you with some ‘Handgun Bullets’ and a refreshing ‘Health Drink.’
  4. Stroll out of the room and glide into that elevator like a pro. Examine the control panel and let the second floor be your chosen destination.

Confrontation on the Second Floor

  1. Carefully step into room M4, but keep your guard up—there are two pesky nurses in this cramped space. Wielding a Shotgun might help even the odds.
  2. Don’t forget to grab the ‘Handgun Bullets’ and ‘Health Drink’ before leaving and sprinting down the West end of the hall into room M6.
  3. Check out the mysterious hands on the wall. Congrats! You’ve just found a ‘Dry Cell Battery’ and ‘Basement Storeroom Key.’
  4. Hop back on the elevator, and make your way to the third floor.

Unraveling Secrets on the Third Floor

  1. Enter room S11 to claim your ‘Ampoule’ and ‘Handgun Bullets’ Rewards. Oh, and read that note on the bed, too!
  2. You can try S3, Maria’s room if you’re curious, but there’s not much to see. Instead, head down to the East end of the hall and walk through the door into the main hall.
  3. Inside the room marked ‘Store Room,’ pick up the ‘Handgun Bullets,’ ‘First-Aid Kit,’ and ‘Shotgun Shells.’ Gotta love those supplies!
  4. Enter the main stairwell, save your game, and descend all the way down to the basement. Don’t forget to use that Basement Storeroom Key!

Delving into the Basement

  1. Scoop up the ‘Shotgun Shells’ in front of the pile of stuff. Examine the eerie bloody handprints on the bookshelf and try to enter the hole to trigger a bizarre scene.
  2. Go down the ladder and nab the ‘Copper Ring’ lying on the floor. Climb back up to the third floor. You’re a Stairmaster!
  3. Pass through the big Southwest double doors to the patient wing, enter the elevator once more, and take it to the second floor.
  4. During your descent, enjoy a spooky little radio show. Keep this entertaining distraction in mind as you head to the second-floor Day Room.

Solving Puzzles and Escaping the Hospital

  1. In the Day Room, examine the fridge and open it up. Voila—you now have the ‘Lead Ring’!
  2. Leave the room, take the elevator up to the third floor, and examine the door to the stairwell on your left. Combine your Lead Ring and Copper Ring to unlock the door.
  3. But wait! Don’t forget about that Trick-or-Treat game! Head West to the main hall into the Store Room again, finding a treasure chest-like object. Examine it for a panel that corresponds to the radio game answers. To succeed, press: Q1 O O X, Q2 X O O, and Q3 O O X. You’ll earn five ‘Shotgun Shells’ and two ‘Ampoules’!
  4. Save your game in the closest stairwell, then head back to the other stairwell with the lady’s picture on the door. You can now enter.
  5. Go down the stairs and into the basement door. In a long hallway, start running and don’t stop! You’re being pursued, and although it poses little threat to you, Maria’s safety is at risk. Just run as fast as you can without looking back!
  6. Once you reach the elevator, you made it! No matter what you did, the next scene will remain the same.
  7. After the scene, exit the elevator and walk into the Director’s Room at the Northeast corner. Examine the object on the table to receive the ‘Hospital Lobby Key.’
  8. Head to the entrance, save your game one last time at the save point, and leave Brookhaven Hospital, finding yourself back in the streets of Silent Hill.

Alternate Reality Brookhaven Hospital FAQ

How do I unlock the stairwell door on the third floor of the alternative hospital?

Combine the Copper Ring and Lead Ring that you found earlier in the game. When you examine the stairwell door on the third floor, use the combined rings to unlock it.

What should I do with the radio show game that I hear while riding the elevator?

Remember the answers from the entertaining little radio show. Once you make your way to the third floor, head West to the main hall into the Store Room again, finding a treasure chest-like object. Examine it for a panel that corresponds to the radio game answers. Press the buttons corresponding to the right answers: Q1 O O X, Q2 X O O, Q3 O O X. You’ll be rewarded with five ‘Shotgun Shells’ and two ‘Ampoules’.

What is the solution to the Trick-or-Treat game in the Store Room on the third floor?

Examine the treasure chest-like object in the Store Room and input the following correct answers that you heard during the radio show when riding the elevator: Q1 O O X, Q2 X O O, Q3 O O X. You’ll receive five ‘Shotgun Shells’ and two ‘Ampoule’ as a reward.

How can I protect Maria from the pursuer in the long basement hallway?

While running in the long basement hallway, do not stop or turn around to fight the pursuer. Maria’s safety is at risk, and turning around will only endanger her further. Simply keep running as fast as you can and don’t worry about how far behind Maria is. Once you reach the elevator at the end of the hallway, you’ve successfully evaded the threat.

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