Silent Hill 2: A Detailed Guide on Monsters and How to Defeat Them

Silent Hill 2 Monsters

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to confront and fight the enemies that roam the foggy streets of “Silent Hill 2. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned veteran of this unsettling game, our guide provides detailed strategies to overcome every foe you’ll encounter. From the grotesque Lying Figures to the relentless Pyramid Head, this guide offers a complete breakdown of each enemy’s behavior, the most effective weapons to use against them, and strategies to help you navigate the chilling world of Silent Hill 2. Remember, survival isn’t just about the monsters you can see; it’s about understanding what they represent in this intricate narrative of horror. Let’s step into the mist! Welcome to Silent Hill.

PlankHandgunSteel PipeShotgunRifleGreat KnifeChainsawHyper Spray
Lying Figure**********************
Bubble Head Nurse******************
Abstract Daddy************
Red Pyramid Thing**************

Lying Figure

Appearance: This creature, appearing like a humanoid in a skin-made straitjacket, moves in both standing and prone positions. Its quick crawling speed can catch you off guard.

Locations: Lying Figures are a common enemy and appear in several locations, from the early parts of the game (East South Vale, Wood Side Apartments, Blue Creek Apartments) to later segments (West South Vale, Silent Hill Historical Society, Toluca Prison, Labyrinth). You may also encounter them when backtracking at the Lake View Hotel.

Attacks: Standing Lying Figures spew a yellow acidic substance. This ranged attack stuns James momentarily and causes minor damage. When in the prone position, they can charge at James, dealing light damage on collision.

Suggested Weapons: Handgun for ranged attacks; Steel Pipe and Wooden Plank for close combat.

Strategy: Despite being the first creature you encounter, Lying Figures aren’t major threats. They are vulnerable to melee attacks: a well-timed swing with the Wooden Plank or Steel Pipe can interrupt their actions, leaving them defenseless on the ground for a finishing kick. Alternatively, if you’re cautious about their acidic spit, maintain a safe distance, bait their ranged attack, and close in for the beatdown once they’ve missed their spit attack.

For a safer strategy, the Handgun provides reliable ranged damage. Three shots typically cause a Lying Figure to fall, but remember to kick them quickly after they drop to prevent their recovery. Utilizing the Shotgun might seem tempting, but it’s better preserved for tougher enemies.


Appearance: Creepers resemble large, yellow-toned cockroaches with six extremities.

Locations: They’re found in East South Vale, Wood Side Apartments, Blue Creek Apartments, Dark South Vale, and Historical Society.

Attacks: Creepers only have one form of attack: a swift run toward James’ foot to deliver a bite, causing minimal damage.

Suggested Weapons: Handgun.

Strategy: Creepers are more of a nuisance than a real threat. Their low aggressiveness means that you can often bypass them without a fight. If they become troublesome, use the Handgun to dispose of them quickly. A few well-placed shots, followed by a kick if they are still moving, should suffice. Alternatively, running over them at the right time can crush them, but this strategy might lead to a few nips if mistimed.


Appearance: Mannequins are strange, uncanny creatures composed of two pairs of female legs stitched together at the waist. They remain completely still until you approach them.

Locations: They’re found in Wood Side Apartments, Blue Creek Apartments, West South Vale, Brookhaven Hospital, Nightmare Hospital, Dark South Vale, and Lake View Hotel.

Attacks: They have a single close-range attack where they swipe at James with one of their upper “legs”, causing light to moderate damage.

Suggested Weapons: Handgun for a ranged attack, Steel Pipe, and Wooden Plank for melee.

Strategy: Mannequins are relatively easy to deal with due to their low combat agility and predictable behavior. Their stasis can be used to your advantage by delivering the first strike, often with the Steel Pipe for its superior damage over the Wooden Plank. Be cautious when they become active, as their flailing motion might accidentally hit you.

The Handgun is also a practical choice against Mannequins. Typically, three shots are enough to drop them before a final kick. The Shotgun might seem overkill, but it can quickly dispose of them in crowded situations.

Bubble Head Nurse

Appearance: These creatures appear as nurses with distorted, bubble-like heads. Despite their unsettling heads, they wear attractive uniforms and carry pipes similar to James’s Steel Pipe.

Locations: You’ll encounter these enemies inside Brookhaven Hospital and on nearby streets in the middle section of the game.

Attacks: Bubble Head Nurses are quick to attack, either swiping or thrusting their pipes at James.

Suggested Weapons: Handgun for individual nurses, Shotgun for groups.

Strategy: Their quick reflexes and significant damage make Bubble Head Nurses a genuine threat. Due to their agility, it’s best to avoid close-quarters combat. The Handgun serves as an efficient ranged weapon, taking them down in approximately three shots on a Normal difficulty setting. In situations where you’re facing multiple nurses, the Shotgun’s wide blast can be a lifesaver, often knocking them down in one shot.

Interestingly, their aggression can also lead to accidental friendly fire, potentially helping you out in a tough situation.


Appearance: Mandarins are bizarre creatures with thick, padded arms and lips at their ends. They wear robes similar to Pyramid Head and always hang from beneath wire or mesh floors.

Locations: They’re found in Dark South Vale, Labyrinth, and Nightmare Hotel.

Attacks: They climb towards your position beneath the grating and shoot tendrils from their arms to briefly stun and lightly damage James.

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun.

Strategy: Mandarins are generally not worth engaging, as they only appear under grating or mesh floors. Simply running past them without stopping is usually enough to avoid their attacks. However, if you choose to fight, the Shotgun’s raw power works best against Mandarins, bringing them down after a few shots. The Handgun can be used as an alternative, but it takes more time and leaves you exposed to its tendrils.

Abstract Daddy

Appearance: Abstract Daddies are large, bulky creatures that appear to be merged with a bed frame, suggesting a disturbing image of sexual assault.

Locations: They’re mostly found in the Lake View Hotel, with the boss variant encountered in the Labyrinth.

Attacks: Their only attack is to grab James and pull him under the bed frame to strangle him, causing substantial damage.

Suggested Weapons: Shotgun.

Strategy: These monstrosities pose a significant threat due to their massive damage potential. Your best defense is a swift offense: the Shotgun. Two well-placed shots should bring them down, though some may need a final kick to finish off.

Pyramid Head

Appearance: This daunting figure sports a red pyramid helmet and a butcher’s apron. It wields a massive knife or a spear, depending on the encounter.

Locations: You’ll encounter Pyramid Head in various locations, including Wood Side Apartments, Blue Creek Apartments, Brookhaven Hospital, Nightmare Hospital, Labyrinth, and Nightmare Hotel.

Attacks: Pyramid Head’s attack varies by the situation. It can swipe with its knife, deliver a lethal executioner’s swing, punch with its free hand, strangle, or thrust its spear.

Suggested Weapons: Handgun and Hunting Rifle.

Strategy: Encounters with Pyramid Head are often unique and require different strategies. It is important to remember that Pyramid Head is invincible – your attacks can only slow him down. Most non-boss encounters suggest a swift retreat as the best strategy.

During boss fights, keep a safe distance and employ your firearms – the Handgun for its rate of fire or the Hunting Rifle for its superior damage. Remember to keep moving and avoid his deadly attacks. Specific boss fight strategies will be further explained in the Silent Hill 2 walkthrough.

Silent Hill 2 Enemy FAQ

How can I avoid the acid attack of Lying Figure in Silent Hill 2?

Lying Figure’s acid attack can be a real nuisance, causing mild damage and briefly stunning James. You can evade this attack by maintaining a safe distance and waiting for the creature to spit the acid. Once the acid has been spat, quickly close in and attack. When using the Handgun, keep a moderate distance to avoid the spit, then continuously fire until the creature falls.

How can I get the timing right to crush Creepers Underfoot in Silent Hill 2?

Crushing Creepers underfoot can be quite tricky, especially for new players. You need to time it right as you run over them. Practice running over the Creeper in different directions and varying your timing until you get a feel for when to step to successfully crush them. Remember, this can be risky, so only attempt if necessary.

How can I tell when a Mannequin is about to activate in Silent Hill 2?

Identifying a Mannequin’s activation can be tough since they remain frozen until they sense your presence. Look for the two pairs of legs standing still – this is their standby state. Approach them carefully and be ready to attack as soon as they start to move. Keep in mind that pushing past Mannequins can often allow you to avoid any damage, as they are slow to attack.

How can I deal with the fast reflexes of Bubble Head Nurses in Silent Hill 2?

Bubble Head Nurses are very quick to attack with their pipes. Maintaining distance is key to avoiding their strikes. If they are at a distance, use your Handgun or Shotgun to dispatch them. Always stay mobile and be ready to back off quickly if a Nurse gets too close.

What should I do if Abstract Daddy grabs me in Silent Hill 2?

When Abstract Daddy manages to grab you, it can inflict considerable damage. If you get caught, rapidly press the shoulder and directional buttons to escape more quickly. Try to avoid getting this close by keeping your distance and using the Shotgun to deal damage.

How can I avoid Pyramid Head’s instant-kill attack in Silent Hill 2?

Pyramid Head’s overhead swing can instantly kill you, making it the most dangerous attack in his arsenal. When fighting him, always stay mobile, and keep as much distance as possible. Watch out for when he raises his weapon high – this signals the deadly overhead swing. Immediately run or sidestep to avoid the attack.

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