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Wooden Plank Door World A Walkthrough

The first blocked door is in World A. This puzzle is just as hard as the others and I can't even pretend that I enjoyed this puzzle. Those damn jigsaw things drove me mad. As soon as I did the first one, I knew I had to make a guide for it. Do my bit for humanity :P Here is the guide for completing the puzzle behind the blocked door in world A.

You can gain access to this world by breaking the wooden boards that are blocking the doorway in the church in World A. You can find the axe to break the wooden plants in World C. 

There are 4 different domes that are blocked off. You need to solve the puzzles to get the item that is inside. Below are the solutions to all 4 of the puzzles and then the 5th one to wake up the robot. This will save you a lot of grief!

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Hidden World A Puzzle 1Hidden World A Puzzle 1

Hidden World A Puzzle 2 Hidden World A Puzzle 2

Hidden World A Puzzle 3 Hidden World A Puzzle 3

World A Coffin Puzzle World A Coffin Puzzle

Hidden World A Puzzle 4 Hidden World A Puzzle 4

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