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Tropico 5: Crop Circle

There are various types of crops within Tropico, both cash crops like tobacco, or food like corn. Sugar is often seen as the least valuable cash crop, but its upgrade? It can earn you thousands of extra dollars.

First, you’re going to want to find a spot where sugar grows decently. This can be in the yellow or green. Now place down 2 sugar plantations and fully upgrade them with them on max. budget. What their upgrades do is increase the effectiveness of OTHER plantations by a maximum of 30. Now place down 3-6 upgraded cotton or cocoa farm, surrounding the sugar plantation. Cotton is the most valuable commodity, and cocoa has an upgrade that boosts its effectiveness by 100.

For an added bonus, you can build cattle ranches near these plantations to boost their effectiveness even more, plus make food for your people.

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The best part about this method is it works as early as the colonial era, and can be modernized by building rum distilleries or upgrading the farms to hydroponic farms. One word of warning, you are going to want to build at 1 teamster office for every 2 farms, as they will fill up quickly.

Boost effectiveness even more

  • Set your market to free market
  • Set your plantations to max budget
  • Build a vehicle factory with its upgrade
  • Issue edicts centered around agriculture
  • Hire managers like Tycoons or Supervisors
  • Make sure you have a Tycoon and Foreman as a dynasty member
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