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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Ep.1 "All That Remains"

River Runs Cold               Arrive at the store                   pstsilver                     Brrrr... Too cold...       SR/Can't be missed (The 1st Trophy you'll get)

Shelter                                Find a campsite                   pstbronze                          You find a place to rest.                            SR/Can't be missed  (2nd)

On the Path                        Met new people                    pstsilver                           Two men find and rescue you.                     SR/Can't be missed (3rd)

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Now What?                      Arrived at the cabin                 pstsilver                         You wake up after you've been saved.           SR/Can't be missed (4th)

Sneaky                             Got what you needed              pstsilver                          You need to clean your wound.                    SR/Can't be missed (5th)

Still. Not. Bitten                 Took care of yourself              pstsilver                   Survive.                                                     SR/Can't be missed (6th)

Headed Out                       Headed out with the group      pstsilver                        Make haste with your new pals.                    SR/Can't be missed (7th)

Split Decision             Completed Ep.1 All That Remains   pstgold                              Congrats! You've completed Episode 1!        SR/Can't be missed (8th)

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May 17th, 2018 6:19 am
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