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The Tower Walkthrough

As soon as you exit World A, you will spot this giant beast of a tower. I was immediately curious as to what the hell this was and most importantly, what was at the top? Why couldn't I go up there? Well, all your questions about it will be answered in time. This section of the guide will go over the tower and show you how to complete all of the puzzles to get to the top.

The first thing you need to know about this tower, is you need to have obtained every single Red shape in the game in order to be able to get to the top. The puzzles with the red pieces are often the hardest, so getting to the top of the tower will be one of the last things that you do in this game.

Compared to some other puzzles in this game, I didn't find the puzzles in the tower to be too difficult. Especially when compared to those damn jigsaw puzzles from the worlds behind the wooden plank doorways. As you can probably guess though, each level you go up, the harder the puzzles will get. Toward the end you might find you are scratching your head a lot.

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Anyway, here is a list of each level in the tower and how to complete all of the puzzles on that particular level.

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