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Secret Of The Snowy Peaks Quest Walkthrough

After getting to the top of the snowy peak near the Gerudo city, you will find a small hut with a book inside. Read the book and you will get this quest about a hidden shrine. The book doesn't give too much detail, but once you locate the switch it will make more sense.

Walk over to the ledge near a large puddle of water. You will see a weird contraption on the wall. It may or may not be lit up red, depending on the time of day. I am not sure what the strict rule for the activation is, but I was there at dusk. It definitely won't be at night since a shadow is required.

Once the shrine switch lights up red, grab a snowball and walk over to the switch so that the snowball casts a shadow directly on the center of the switch. Once the switch is activated, the shrine will appear out of the ground over by the cabin.

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The shrine itself (Suma Sahma Shrine), is very easy as it is just a chest with no puzzle.

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August 7th, 2018 10:56 pm
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