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Q Team 3 Way Standoff Options

When you are in the library there will be a Q team 3 way standoff where you need to input a piece of text that will determine the outcome of the standoff. There are 4 possible outcomes, all of which can be unlocked immediately so long as you know the answers. You can probably guess 3 of the passwords pretty easily, but the 4th will be difficult to guess and wont be something you can figure out until you are almost finished the game.

If you are sick of waiting for the answer here are the options that the game will accept in order to unlock all 4 of the possible outcomes for the 3 way standoff for q team.

Q Team 3 way standoff options = NOBODY, ERIC, MIRA, DELTA

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May 15th, 2018 11:12 pm
XP 96k 8
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