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Minecolonies Mod

Minecolonies is a massive overhaul of the idea of NPCs and villages in Minecraft. Although it is still in development, the mod adds a huge amount of detailed functionality to the idea of building a village in Minecraft. Minecolonies allows you to build a large, self-sustaining NPC village in Minecraft, where the villagers will build the structures and gather supplies for you. Gone are the days of idiotic NPCs with the squid noses.

You start by building a town hall. From here you can then create a builders hut and get him/her to start constructing the town. All you need to do is provide the builder with all of the supplies needed to construct it. This adds a huge sense of depth to the villages and makes them feel more alive. By upgrading all of the different building types, you can increase the productivity and effect they provide. Almost like an RTS experience within Minecraft.

This mod doesn't replace standard NPC villages, rather it is a completely new style of village, that you build from the ground up, wherever you want to settle down.

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May 21st, 2018 10:14 pm
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