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How to get fortnite on Xbox One

If you are looking to get Fortnite on the Xbox One, you can download it for free and very easily. This guide will show you how to get Fortnite for the Xbox One.

To download Fortnite on Xbox One, the first thing you will need is an Xbox account that you can use to log into the market place. You do not have to be logged into the xbox to setup an account or do get the game. Microsoft actually have an online store that can be accessed from the PC. If you are logged into Xbox Live, you can download Fortnite completely free by clicking this link.


If you want to do this using an Xbox one console, follow these steps to download the game.

  1. Open up the Xbox marketplace

  2. Search for “Fortnite”.

  3. Click the first result for the game.

  4. The store page will have a button that says “Get”. Click this to download the game.

Once Fortnite is installed, you can set up an account. It can be best to work with the Epic Games account as this will allow you to take advantage of cross-platform play.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fortnite on Xbox One

Is Fortnite Free on Xbox One?

There are two versions of Fortnitre. The battle royale game mode is free to play on the Xbox One. If you want to play the save the world game mode, then you will need to wait a little longer before this game becomes free to play.


Does Fortnite Support Cross Play On Xbox One?

Yes, Microsoft were one of the first companies to allow for this to happen. Gamers playing on the Xbox One are able to play multiplayer games with gamers playing on the Nintendo switch. Sony have since added support meaning all game consoles can play together.


Can You Get Fortnite On Xbox One?

Yes you can, Fortnite battle royale is available for free on the Xbox One. This guide will explain how to get it.


Do you need to have Xbox Live Gold to play Fortnite Battle Royale?

Yes, according to the game store for Fortnite, the game requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play. Since this game only has an online mode, you must purchase Xbox Live Gold if you want to play Fortnite Online.


Can a Keyboard and Mouse Be Used With Fortnite On Xbox?

Microsoft have been quite slow to allow people to use keyboard and mouse for a lot of their games. Fortnite on Xbox One does have keyboard and mouse support. While the feature has been reported to be quite buggy and sometimes will not work, it is something that has been enabled for this title.


If you have any further questions about this game and would like to get some answers, head over to the FAQ section of the site and post your question, you may find someone has already answered your question. Click here to go to the Fortnite FAQ section of the site.


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