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Helpful Villagers Mod

Helpful villagers was a mod for Minecraft that enhanced the standard NPC villages to add enhanced building features. By putting ingredients into a chest in the town hall, villagers would proceed to expand and build the village without you having to do any building. This mod really gives you a strong incentive to go out there and mine for some additional supplies now that there are villagers to do the dirty work.

This mod no longer appears to be active. It is worth checking out Minecolonies instead.

The mod appears to have been discontinued as there has been no activity for quite a while. The last release supports Minecraft version 1.7 and there is no sign of it being updated to support a newer version. However, there are other mods that have taken the idea of helpful villagers and taken it much further. Minecolonies is one such mod that is fantastic and well worth checking out if you are looking to enhance NPC villages with more helpful villagers.

Is Helpful Villagers Getting Updated?

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This mod appears to be dead and there are no signs that it will be revived and released for any newer versions of minecraft. If you are looking for an updated version, I would suggest you check out the latest version of Minecolonies. This mod is similar at its core, but has far more features and is still being actively maintained.

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May 21st, 2018 10:14 pm
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