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God Of War Treasure Map Locations

Early on in the game treasure maps can be a fantastic source of hacksilver. Later on in the game they will be a means to reward you with some of the more rare crafting components. If you are a trophy hunter you will also get a trophy called “Treasure Hunter” for finding the location marked in all of the treasure maps in the game.

I found that I had stumbled across a lot of these without even reading the map. They can be found just like any other item as they will have the white marker above them to press circle. You can usually tell it is treasure due to the mound of dirt underneath.

If you have a few treasure maps left to find or are stuck finding the location that the treasure map is pointing to, you can use the video guide below to find all of the treasure maps in God of War.

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April 27th, 2018 2:14 pm
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