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Fallout 76 XP Farm

Fallout 76 is built on a similar RPG framework that we have seen in past games and in many other online games where you must earn XP in order to level up and increase the strength and abilities of your character. This guide will go over a good Fallout 76 xp farming method to earn easy xp.

Xp can be earned from many different methods. When you complete quests and this would normally be the traditional method. With Fallout 76 you will get a ton of xp from killing enemies, if you go for the right ones. If you know the right enemies you will level up fast and get XP fast.


Fallout 76 Levelling Guide

So let's get right down to it, completing quests is not the way to go if you want to level up quickly. To level up, you need to kill enemies. Not just any enemies though, you need to look for high level enemies. There is a little more to know about it though, just because an enemy is a high level, it does not mean that you will get the best possible xp gain from it.

 Super mutants are the ultimate way to get easy XP. The basic super mutant will give you 30 xp for every single kill. You might think that the higher level mutants will give more, but this is not how to approach it, you need to find higher rank enemies. This is like the military. You do not want to kill the basic recruits, you want to kill the commanders and other higher ranking enemies in the hierarchy. Here is how it is broken down with the super mutants.


  • Super Mutant: 30xp

  • Super Mutant Skirmisher: 50xp

  • Super Mutant Enforcer :140xp


You do not need to stick with the super mutants though, there are plenty of other enemies like scorched, which are quite common, will net you some Xp. If you want to get the most XP for your time, super mutants is the best way to go. If you are out exploring and find a super mutant camp, do not leave it alone, go in there and clean up because this can be an XP goldmine.

Just because killing enemies is a great source, do not ignore quests either. If you get a quest, do it! In the process of doing the quest, you will likely get lots of kills and may come across super mutant bases that you may not have found otherwise. You get that kill xp while also working toward completing the quest which will also net you some xp. Use your time wisely. Grinding for XP is boring as hell, if you are more clever about how you approach the killing of enemies, it will be a lot more fun while earning you lots of xp at the same time.

Playing as a Team

Early on in the game you will get the Inspirational charisma perk card that will increase the amount of XP that you earn while you are playing with a team. The base rank will grant you an additional 5% xp. It can be further ranked up to give you an extra 15% xp when playing as a team.

If you do not have people to play with, just invite some strangers from the server you are on. They do not need to be around you for you to earn the XP.

Be Well Rested

Like all Fallout games in the past, being well rested will grant you bonuses. For fast levelling, being well rested will grant you a bonus 5% xp. The duration of this bonus depends on the quality of the bed that you slept in. If you sleep in a proper bed, one that is not on the ground, you will get this bonus for 2 hours. Sleep every time you go back to the camp as this bonus will help you level up faster.

Check out the video linked below if you want to get a more in depth view of a good method for Fallout 76 easy xp.


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