Silent Hill 2: Lakeview Hotel Walkthrough

Lakeview Hotel Walkthrough

Welcome to a step-by-step guide for the Lakeview Hotel in Silent Hill 2. This level will come after making your way through the Labyrinth. Follow the steps below to make it through this hotel level, the end is in sight!

The Arrival at Lakeview Hotel

  1. Start by running up the dock and head towards the hotel. Make a quick stop at the fountain on the left before going inside and grab the ‘Little Mermaid’ music box that’s waiting for you on the edge.
  2. Once inside, bag the ‘Hotel Map (Guests)’ for yourself. Next, march forward and make a right at the corner to enter the Restaurant “Lake Shore”.
  3. Look around the tables in this room and you’ll find the ‘Fish Key.’ There’s a cool cinematic scene you’ll trigger when you try to leave the room.
  4. After it’s over, head back out to the hall. But be cautious of the Doorman enemies, they’re pretty identical to the boss you recently tackled. A couple of blasts with the shotgun should knock them out of your way. Still on their feet? A kick should do the trick.
  5. Now, wander down to the West end of the hall. But here’s a tip – avoid entering the West corridor. Instead, enter the large gray room to the South.
  6. In this lower room, stock up on the ‘Rifle Shells’ and three packs of ‘Handgun Bullets.’
  7. With your pockets loaded, retrace your steps and head back to the main hall.

Exploring the Hotel

  1. Go down the main stairs to the basement floor. Make your way into the elevator at the end of the hall, where you’ll find a can of ‘Thinner.’
  2. Next, journey back upstairs and get ready for some exploring! Enter one of the two large double doors on either side of the stairs leading North.
  3. Don’t forget to hit the in-game save point before you get too excited about the items.
  4. Pop open the door to the reception desk beside the gift shop and grab the ‘Key to Room 312’ shining on the rack on the hard-to-miss wall.
  5. Once you’ve done that, gear up and take the stairs again, this time to 2F.

The Second Floor Adventure

  1. Once on the 2F, head into the room marked as the Cloak Room right behind the desk. You’ll find a nice stock of items including a ‘First-Aid Kit,’ two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells,’ and two sets of ‘Handgun Bullets.’
  2. Head towards the briefcase and use the Fish Key to open it. You got ‘Key to Room 204’ in your hands now, my friend.
  3. After you grab the key, exit the room and head South to the end of the hall. You’ll find two ‘Handgun Bullets’ waiting for you on a table.
  4. Check your map and steer into the Reading Room. Here’s another loot moment for you, with two sets of ‘Shotgun Shells’ and a ‘Health Drink.’
  5. Once you’re finished in the Reading Room, backpedal North and make a left to enter the West corridor.
  6. Check the third door on your right, Room 204. Use your newly acquired key to gain access.
  7. Inside, you’ll find the ‘Employee Elevator Key’ on the table. Walk through the wall into the next room.
  8. Now, take a moment to examine the pictures spread all over the bed. Get ready for some magic – reach into your inventory and use the Thinner. A code appears in the picture, and the mystery starts to unravel.
  9. Now, give the briefcase beside the bed a look-over. If your eyes don’t deceive you, you can enter that code from the picture.
  10. Reward time! Inside, you’ll find the ‘Cinderella’ music box. With it in your inventory, it’s time to head East to explore the other side of 2F.

How To Conquer The East Side of 2F

  1. Here’s your next destination – the Northern door in this area. Inside the room, open with your Employee Elevator Key and snag a couple of ‘Health Drinks.’
  2. Pumped up for more excitement? If you walk onto the elevator though, an alarm will go off.
  3. Curious enough to explore more? Then check out the control panel to discover it’s made for one person only.
  4. Once you’re done with the control panel, head to the lockers in the room to offload every last thing you own on the shelf.
  5. Before you leave, jump into the elevator and descend down to the first floor. Don’t forget to pick up the ‘Hotel Map (Employees)’ as soon as you land.
  6. Run North, down the hall, and make a left into the first door. Inside, there’s a safe with a ‘Videotape’ and ‘Can Opener.’
  7. A couple of rooms North of this, you’ll stumble upon the Employee Lounge. Here’s an Easter egg for you – there are two sets of ‘Rifle Shells.’
  8. Now, head to the Southeast corner of the floor and enter the Pantry, the room with the red light above it. Here’s your third music box – the ‘Snow White’ music box on a shelf.

Basement Exploration And Back To Lobby

  1. With the music box secured, head over to the stairwell across from the office and descend to the basement level.
  2. Navigate South then East to reach the Boiler Room. Grab the ‘Bar Key’ along with the ‘First-Aid Kit’ on the ground.
  3. From there, head West to the Kitchen. Insider tip: there are not one, not two, but three ‘Health Drinks’ for the taking in this room.
  4. Seen the unopened can on the counter yet? Stand in front of it and use your trusty Can Opener. Inside, you’ll find a ‘Lightbulb.’
  5. Leave the kitchen through the West door. Swing by the bar and find the flashlight sitting in the corner. Pop your Lightbulb in to light it up.
  6. Your next stop is right through the West door. Climb the stairs and you’re back on the main floor.
  7. A little backtracking now. Head back up to the second-floor Elevator Room and bring your stuff back.
  8. Go back to the hotel Lobby and give the object in the center a thorough examination.

The Music Box Puzzle And Final Scene

  1. Now for the big puzzle. The music box one. Here’s the solution:
  • Seat of the Princess who fled at midnight – Cinderella – Twas shameful greed did stain her shoe who fled at midnight with blood
  • The seat of the Princess who awoke from death – Snow White – Beauty who both awoke from death and is a curse thou be
  • Seat of the Princess who spoke no words – Little Mermaid – Even so, I still want to believe that she spoke no words and was happy
  1. Examine each of the three indentations and put the corresponding music box in each spot. Once you cap off this step, play the music box. And voila! The ‘Hotel Stairway Key’ is yours if you examine it again.
  2. With the key in hand, you can now head up to the third floor. The gate blocking your way is no match for your new key.
  3. All the way at the top, enter the only room you can – Room 312. Here, approach the VCR, use the tape in your inventory, and watch the scene.
  4. Once you’ve seen it all, exit the room. And that’s it, you’ve successfully navigated the Lakeview Hotel, now it is time to return to the alternative reality hospital where you will be ready to take on the final boss and complete the game!

Lakeview Hotel FAQ

How do I find the ‘Little Mermaid’ music box in the Lakeview Hotel?

The ‘Little Mermaid’ music box can be found before you even enter the hotel. You will find it sitting on the edge of the fountain that is on the left side of the hotel entrance.

Where can I find the ‘Fish Key’ in the Lakeview Hotel?

The ‘Fish Key’ can be found inside the Restaurant “Lake Shore,” which can be accessed by taking a right at the corner after you enter the hotel. The key is on one of the tables in this room.

How can I safely defeat the Doorman enemies in the Lakeview Hotel?

You can defeat the Doorman enemies by hitting them twice with your shotgun to knock them down. If they are still standing after that, you can finish them off with a kick.

How do I get to the basement floor of the Lakeview Hotel?

To reach the basement floor, head back to the main hall and go down the main stairs. The elevator at the end of this hall will take you down to the basement floor.

What should I do with the ‘Hotel Map (Guests)’ in the Lakeview Hotel?

The ‘Hotel Map (Guests)’ will serve as your guide as you navigate through the hotel. Keep it handy and refer to it when necessary to avoid getting lost.

Where do I find ‘Key to Room 312’ in the Lakeview Hotel?

The ‘Key to Room 312’ can be found in the reception desk area beside the gift shop. It is on the rack on the wall and will be important for progressing further in the game.

How can I solve the music box puzzle in the Lakeview Hotel?

The solution to the puzzle is related to the three princesses – Cinderella, Snow White, and Little Mermaid – and the lyrics associated with them. You have to place the appropriate music box into the indentation for each of these princesses on the object in the center of the hotel lobby.

How do I get up to the third floor of the Lakeview Hotel?

You will require the ‘Hotel Stairway Key’ to access the third floor. You can get this key by successfully solving the music box puzzle in the hotel lobby. The key opens the gate that blocks your way to the top.

Where is the ‘Employee Elevator Key’ located in the Lakeview Hotel?

The ‘Employee Elevator Key’ is located in Room 204, which you can access using the ‘Key to Room 204’ that you find inside the Cloak Room. The key is sitting on a table in this room.

How can I get to the Boiler Room in the Lakeview Hotel?

To reach the Boiler Room, descend to the basement level, navigate South then East. Here you will find the ‘Bar Key’ and ‘First-Aid Kit.’

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