Increasing The Number Of Colonists

Increasing the size of your colony is important as hitting 1200 colonists in total will grant you a fourth mayor that will bring a nice bonus to your town. You will also earn more gold if you have more colonists. You might also be aiming for the achievement/trophy to get 10’000 colonists in a single game. This guide will give you some help on the best way to quickly increase your colony size as efficiently as possible.

Build many cheap houses instead of fewer expensive

A wooden cottage will give you double that of a tent. A stone house will give double that of a wooden cottage. The cost of constructing a wooden cottage is considerably more than double that of a tent. If you have a lot of space to expand with, build outward first. Build as many tents as you can. You will be able to increase the number of workers and colonists far quicker by building many tents. Building 4 tents instead of 1 cottage will get you double the colonists for the same price. Yes it consumes more space, but you should keep building like this until you run out of space.

Homes are not the only way to get more colonists

Once you unlock the iron works you can research advanced farms. These farms will upgrade any existing farms that you have. Along with additional food, advanced farms will also give you 40 colonists. This is a pretty big increase and makes them a great way to boost numbers quickly without needing to worry about having enough food in the process.

The additional food you earn from these advanced farms will naturally increase the amount of food you have, allowing you to build more homes. Once you get to the point where you need more food to build more homes. Make sure you build advanced farms as they will give you the best benefit.

They Are Billions - Advanced Farm
They Are Billions – Advanced Farm

Research and build an Inn

There are a few perks to constructing an Inn. The one that is relevant here is the addition of 100 colonists to your colony. This is a pretty big bump in numbers considering the Inn already provides some nice benefits.

They Are Billions - Inn Building
They Are Billions – Inn Building
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