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astroneer hydrogen

Hydrogen gas is an atmospheric resource in Astroneer. Despite hydrogen being a common fuel and having several uses in the real world, its use in this game is quite limited. Like all other gasses, only being used for a single thing.

Hydrogen is one of the more common gasses in this game with it being present in relatively high volumes on 4 different planets.

How Do You Get Hydrogen?

In order to get hydrogen gas, you will need to construct an Atmospheric Condenser. This is a machine that will allow you to extract it from the air of any planet that contains this resource in the atmosphere.

atmospheric condenser for producting gas
The atmospheric condenser building will allow you to extract gas from the atmosphere.

What Planets Contain Hydrogen?

The table below will show all of the planets in Astroneer with the current PPU of hydrogen that can be found on each planet. Not all planets contain this resource. Those marked with a PPU of 0 do not contain any.

PlanetHydrogen PPU
Sylva75 ppu
Calidor50 ppu
Vesania100 ppu
Novus25 ppu

What Is Hydrogen Used To Create?

Hydrogen is only used in the creation of one single item in the chemistry station. For late-game structures and items, some of the composite resources are highly valuable. You may not have an immediate use for this resource, but it is worth capturing some while you are on one of the planets if possible to save a return trip at a later date.

Creation MethodInputOutput Item/Structure
Chemistry Lab1 Resin, 1 Quartz, 1 HydrogenHydrazine
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