How To Find Survivors In Fortnite

How To Find Survivors

When you are playing through missions, you will often find survivors inside of buildings. They are typically hidden in the same way that treasure chests are hidden. They will be stashed away, out of sight and sometimes out of reach. The good thing about them is they are much easier to locate once you have figured out that there is one nearby. Here is how you find survivors.

1) Check The Mini Map

The mini map is usually the first place that a notification for a new survivor will appear. Sometimes, it will be the only notification you get if you are walking in the wrong direction and can’t hear them. There is a lot to see in the mini map in general, so it is wise to be checking it regularly anyway. However, using it to be alerted of survivors is a really useful tip. The image below will show you what the icon looks like on the mini map when there is a survivor nearby.

how to find survivors on minimap

2) Listen for them calling

When there is a survivor nearby, they will be doing a lot of shouting. Keep an ear open and you will be able to hear where they are coming from. I have come across multiple survivors that have been in a location that i could not reach on foot. If you are sure the person is below you, try busting through the floor rather than hunting for a door the basement, as there may not even be one.

3) Look For Stashes of Food And Supplies

The survivors are usually hidden behind big shelves full of supplies like cans, ammo, liquids and other gear that a human would need to survive. Keep an eye out for things like this when you know a survivor is nearby. They are usually hidden in a corner somewhere.

Fortnite Survivor

What Is The Point In Saving Survivors?

In the here and now, you will get a small reward, in most cases, it will be some ammo or if you are lucky, some uncommon loot. However, there is a better reason to be saving them and it comes later on in the game. When you complete a level where you have saved some people, you will see that you get a few “people” collectables. These do nothing for a while, but eventually, you will unlock the ability to transform. This allows you to use the total of people saved to create new heroes and squad members. It might not be worthwhile at the start, but it is worth collecting all the survivors you can at the start so you can get better use of them in the future. With things like this, it is always the case that you see them all the time when you have no interest and when you want them they are suddenly hard to find.

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