How to activate the ancient power device in Lanayru Desert

So you have activated the 3 power generators and have returned to the big switch in the center of Lanayru desert in order to activate it and gain access to the temple. There’s a small issue. This switch is not as simple to turn on as it seems.

This was likely a far more simple puzzle back on the Wii or for anyone playing with motion controls. This puzzle completely threw me off when playing with the controller on the Switch. Anyway, here is how to activate the device.

How to Activate Lanayru Mining Facility Power Switch

The key is the map. From your location, the blue dial points toward the blue generator. The same goes for the other two generator rooms.

  • Blue – 9 o clock
  • Red – 5 o clock
  • Yellow – 12 o clock

If you don’t understand what I mean by O clock, then just check out the picture below of the completed puzzle.

Lanayru desert power switch

If you are playing with standard controls or the pro controller on the Switch, you might have trouble here. To turn the dial, you need to point the stick in the direction you want to go and hold it there. So rather than turn the stick left and expect link to keep turning and you let go when you get to where you want, it will not work.

You need to point the thumb stick the direction. So point to the bottom right when you want to get to 5 o clock for the red symbol.

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