Guide to Mastering Disciples of the Land: Gathering in Final Fantasy XIV

Disciple of the Land

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on becoming a Master Gatherer in Final Fantasy XIV. As a Disciple of the Land, you play an essential role in Eorzea’s vibrant economy, gathering resources for use across the realm. Depending upon your interests, you may choose to be a Miner, a Botanist, or a Fisher.

This guide is a systematic, step-wise approach designed to transition you from a beginner gatherer to an experienced and talented master gatherer. It uniquely details each step, offering precise direction on leveling, gear acquisition and enhancement, and mastering the crucial skills needed for each class. We also have a similar guide for mastering Disciples of the hand in FFXIV.

Whether you’re just starting your gathering journey or fine-tuning your skills, this guide is your partner in achieving gathering mastery. Prepare to delve into a remarkable journey that directly interacts with the world’s natural elements while substantially contributing to Eorzea’s thriving community.

The world of Eorzea is full of bounties ready to be discovered, and as a Disciple of the Land, it’s your job to gather these resources. The three primary gathering classes in the game are:

  1. Miner (MIN): Miners extract mineral resources and ores from the earth.
  2. Botanist (BTN): Botanists gather wood, plants, and other resources from trees and vegetation.
  3. Fisher (FSH): Fishers do just what you’d expect. They fish!

Level 1-15: Getting Started

Start your journey by accepting the initial class quest from the respective guild in either Ul’dah (Miner), Gridania (Botanist), or Limsa Lominsa (Fisher). Level up by fulfilling Gathering Leveling Quests until level 15.

Level 15-50: Keep Going

After reaching level 15, Levequests become increasingly vital for fast leveling. Visit Guildleves in the market area of major cities to take up Levequests. Also, keep an eye out for Class Quests every five levels, as they reward vital gear upgrades.

Level 50-60: Scrips and Collectibles

Reaching level 50 unlocks the Collectibles system, which lets gatherers exchange the collectible version of regular items for Scrips in Mor Dhona. These Scrips can be used to purchase high-level gear and various other useful items.

Level 60-70 and Beyond: Continue Farming Scrips

For this range, visits to Idyllshire and Rhalgr’s Reach to exchange collectibles for Scrips continue to be beneficial. Keep enhancing your equipment regularly.

Level 71-80: Local Quests and FATEs

The city of Kugane holds additional Levequests. New to this level range are FATEs (Fully Automated Events), which yield substantial exp for gatherers.

Tools of the Trade

Proper equipment is key to becoming an effective gatherer. Upgrading tools and gear every few levels dramatically increases yield and success rates.

Discerning Eye, Methodical Appraisal, and Single Mind

These abilities, acquired at levels 11, 1, and 57 respectively, form the core rotation of high-level gathering. This skill combo can repeatedly be used to optimize your gathering yield.

Advanced Tips for Master Gatherers

  1. Always Gather at the Highest Level Node: Always select the highest level node available to maximize the experience.
  2. Use GP Wisely: Save up your GP to reveal the entire node or for the use of powerful gathering increasing buffs.
  3. High-Level Gear, Materia, and Food: Always aim to have the best gear possible for your level. Don’t forget to meld your gear with Materia and use food to increase your gathering and perception stats.

Venturing into the gathering classes of Final Fantasy XIV’s Disciples of the Land can be a fantastic way to contribute to the game’s thriving economy. Not only can you supply materials for crafters, but successfully doing so often brings substantial profits. Follow this guide, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful gatherer in no time!

Mastering Disciples of the Land in Final Fantasy XIV

Journeying through Final Fantasy XIV as a Disciple of the Land (DoL) can be a rewarding experience. This step-by-step guide will equip you with the necessary knowledge to become a master gatherer in Eorzea.

Step 1: Reach Level 50

Begin your gathering adventure by leveling up your chosen class to level 50. Whether it’s Botanist, Miner, or Fisher, the initial journey is about leveling up and familiarising yourself with Eorzea’s resources.

Step 2: Clear the Final Quest for the Level 55 Weapon

Clear the final class quest based on your gathering class. Completion will reward you with the necessary level 55 weapon.

Step 3: Acquire Level 55 HQ Gathering Gear

Invest in a complete set of item-level 55 HQ gathering gear specially suited to your class. This gear primarily includes:

  • Gathering tools
  • Clothes and accessories

Remember, these items might prove expensive if purchased from the Market Board, so your venture to know end-game crafters will be beneficial.

Step 4: Meld and Overmeld Your Gear

Melding and over-melding your gear enhances your stats significantly. A level 50 Leatherworker and Goldsmith come particularly handy at this point.

Use Ariyala’s Final Fantasy XIV Toolkit to plan your gear enhancement path. Start by melding the most expensive materials followed by cheaper ones. Note: Fishers may not need GP except to switch to another gathering class.

A Botanist or Miner requires a minimum of 600 GP.

Step 5: Procure the Forager’s Hat – The Choice is Yours

Graduate to the next level by turning in specific HQ items to Talan in Revenant’s Toll to obtain a vital piece of gear: the Forager’s Hat.

  • Botanists: Turn in HQ Fragrant Logs collected from the unspoiled node in South Shroud at 2 AM Eorzea time.
  • Miners: Turn in HQ Umbral Rocks gathered from the unspoiled node arriving at 6 AM in South Shroud.
  • Fishers: For you, turning in HQ Silver Sovereigns, fished during the day at Oschon’s Torch in Lower La Noscea would work.

Step 6: Acquire Forager’s Weapon

Raise the bar higher by acquiring the Forager’s weapon. To secure this, you’ll need to turn in even more HQ items.

Step 7: Level up to Your Supra Weapon

Once your Perception and Gathering are adequately amplified, you’re ready to work on your Supra weapon. This powerful tool can be obtained by trading with Talan.

Step 8: Aim for the Forager’s Gear

At item level 60, your goal should be the Forager’s Gear, currently the Best in Slot (BiS). Be prepared, though, this gear can only be crafted by a master 4-star crafter and can be quite challenging to obtain due to costly materials. However, the results are worth it – remember to meld and over meld.

Step 9: The Ultimate Goal – Luci’s Weapon

Your final target in mastering gathering classes is acquiring Luci’s weapon. Like earlier enhancements, this can be procured from Talan once you have mastered all previous steps.

Disciples of the Land & Gathering FAQ

1. What are Disciples of the Land?

Disciples of the Land (DoL) refers to the gathering classes in Final Fantasy XIV that collect resources from the environment. These classes include the Botanist (BTN), Miner (MIN), and Fisher (FSH).

2. Why should I play as a Disciple of the Land?

Playing as a Disciple of the Land lets you directly interact with Eorzea, allowing you to gather resources used in crafting and cooking. These resources can also be sold to other players for in-game currency, providing an excellent source of income.

3. How do I choose between being a Botanist, Miner, or Fisher?

Your choice depends on your personal preference and the economic needs of your in-game world. Botanists gather plant resources and logs, Miners extract ores and stones, and Fishers catch fish and other sea creatures. All three contribute different essential resources to the game economy.

4. How do I begin my journey as a Botanist, Miner, or Fisher?

To begin your journey:

  • For Botanists, visit the Botanist’s Guild in Gridania.
  • For Miners, head to the Miner’s Guild in Ul’dah.
  • For Fishers, go to the Fisher’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa.

Choose your guild and accept the introduction quest.

5. What is the importance of having high-quality (HQ) gear?

HQ gear directly influences both your gathering and perception. The higher these stats, the better your chances of acquiring high-quality items and more resources.

6. What is the role of Levequests and how do they help me level up?

Levequests are tasks you can perform to earn large amounts of experience once you reach level 15. They are an efficient way to level up your gathering classes.

7. What is GP and why do I need it?

GP, or Gathering Points, allows you to use special abilities which enhance your gathering experience. For Fishers, GP is less crucial unless you plan to switch to another gathering class. Botanists and Miners need at least 600 GP for an optimized gathering experience.

8. How can I obtain the Forager’s Hat?

The Forager’s Hat can be obtained by turning in specific HQ items to Talan in Revenant’s Toll. The items differ for each class and can be gathered from unique locations at specific Eorzea times.

9. What are the Forager’s Weapon and Supra’s Weapon?

They are high-level gear that improves your gathering and perception tremendously. The Forager’s Weapon can be obtained by turning in more HQ items. You can acquire the Supra weapon by trading with Talan when your perception and gathering stats are high enough.

10. How do I achieve Master Gatherer status?

Becoming a Master Gatherer involves a systematic progression through different tasks including leveling up, continuously upgrading your gear, enhancing your abilities, and eventually obtaining advanced equipment including the Lucis weapon. Following a detailed guide or plan will lead you toward mastery.

Each element of your journey as a Disciple of the Land provides a unique and immersive experience. Welcome to a world where the environment is yours to explore. Happy gathering!

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