Guide To Finding Fortnite Treasure Chests

fortnite treasure chests

After you discover your first treasure chest you will realize that the loot inside is often amazing. You should make it your goal to source the Fortnite treasure chests as quickly as possible. The issue with these chests is that they can be difficult to locate and if others get there first, they will get the loot and you will miss out. Here are some tips that will help you find treasure chests in Fortnite.

1) Listen for the sound

When you are near a chest, even if it is behind a wall or below the ground, you will hear a sort of glowing angelic sound. There is a quest that will explain this to you, but if you randomly come across a treasure chest, you will hear the sound yourself. Keep your ears open for this sound as it is the best key you have. Sometimes treasure chests are hidden in places you cannot see and you need to break down walls in order to find them. The sound these chests make is your only way to find them.

2) Know what Fortnite Treasure Chests Look Like

fortnite treasure chest

Treasure chests in Fortnite are usually made of wood and look like pirate treasure chests, but they don’t always look like this. In fact, they are not always chests, sometimes they can be safes. If you are playing in a map and see a bank, get there as quick as possible, there is almost always a safe in the basement. These safes give off the same sound as the chests. I found one here every time, but once it was hidden behind a fake wall, so as the first point mentioned “Listen for the sound!”. They don’t always look like the safe in the image below, sometimes they are small and black, but either way the sound and glow makes them hard to miss.

Fortnite Treasure Safe

3) You Need To Destroy Walls

Not every treasure chest is easy to see. Sometimes they are hidden behind false walls or in the attic area of houses. A lot of the time these areas that cannot be accessed on foot, you need to demolish your way to them. If you hear the sound, but cant find the treasure chest, start knocking down some walls. As you can see in the image below, this chest was in the roof part of a house. I had to destroy the side of the roof and build stairs in order to get up to it. The golden rule here being that the treasure chests are not always in easy to find places.

Hidden Treasure Chest

4) Check High and Low…Never Middle

You literally need to look high and low when hunting for treasure chests. They are rarely located in ground floors or outside. They are almost always in the basements or in the upper levels of buildings. If you spot a particularly high building, there is a good chance you will find a chest up there. The sound is always the clue, but after a while you will begin to recognize the locations. The chests seem to be random to a point, but I have found that chests seem to appear in the same buildings in the same places. Once you get to know the buildings and where the chests are, you will quickly source chests. I have found several chests in a single game after figuring out where to look in buildings that i have found chests in before. As you get the hang of it all, stick to the high and low method.

Treasure Chest On Roof Rooftop Treasure Chest

5) Completing Levels

After completing each level you will earn a certain amount of XP and points in each of the main categories of gameplay. Depending on the final score, you will be rewarded with a treasure chest for your troubles. The video guide below will explain the best procedure for getting the highest tier loot chest for completing levels.

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