Fortnite Hero Classes Explained

Deciding on a hero class that works best for you is one of the more challenging things that you will have to do in Fortnite. Once you get to the point where you are able to evolve your heroes , you will need to make a decision on which hero class is your favourite. Having the luxury of evolving multiple hero classes is not something that you will have unless you put some serious hours into this game. Below is a list of all of the Fortnite Hero classes with some detail about what each one does and the pros/cons etc.

One thing to always remember is that your playstyle counts for something here. If you are the type that likes stealth over going in guns blazing the ninja might be better than the soldier. The decision is yours, but hopefully, the details below will help. Since the game puts no limits on the number of heroes you can level up, your end goal should be to have one of each, but this guide will at least help you decide which order you want to put the progression in.


The soldier is the most well rounded class of them all. If you are having a really hard time deciding which one is best for you, you can’t go wrong with a soldier. You get an even balance of crafting, offense and defense. Any special abilities with the soldier class will generally focus toward dealing a large amount of damage, which makes them great to have during the harder missions. However, while the solder doesn’t allow you to play to your strengths. The solder is good as a way to discover what your play style is like. If you find you like building more, then the constructor class is for you.

Well RoundedDifficult To Specialize
Deals a lot of damageNo bonuses for building
Grenades & Mines


As the name might suggest, the constructor class is aimed toward building and there a lot of reasons to use a constructor hero if you are someone who really enjoys the building aspect of Fortnite. The Constructor can not only build structures faster than all other classes, but the cost of building is also much cheaper. An ability called B.A.S.E allows the constructor to build a construction area that will reduce costs and amplify the construction of everything in its range. Just because this is a class for building things, doesn’t mean this class cant fight. In fact, the constructor has a very high defense and can take quite a lot of damage due to the larger physical size of the heros in the constructor class.

Can take a lot of damageNot great at dealing damage
Builds structures faster
Builds structures cheaper


The ninja class is the fastest most nimble hero class in the game. It would be a close call between the ninja and the soldier as to who can do the most damage. A sword in the hand of a ninja is a deadly weapon, but it of course means you need to get up close and since the ninja has a relatively low defense compared to the others, you are relying on the others to have your back for this. The ninja is the fastest class and has an ability called mantis leap which allows you to jump incredibly high. This is really helpful when it comes to exploring the map and for ducking and diving between enemies as you unleash a flurry of sword attacks.

Fast movement SpeedLow defense
Mantis Leap Ability
High sword damage


The Outlander is the final hero class type in Fortnite and I feel like this class is sort of out on its own. The Outlander is not a particularly good class for combat, nor is it a good class for building. The outlanders strength comes in scavenging for supplies. Outlanders have the ability to sniff out more rare loot than others. When searching containers, there is a higher chance that there will be a higher quantity or a more rare piece of loot inside when compared to what the other hero classes will find. The downfall comes when we go into battle. Both defense and offense for the Outlander is quite a bit lower than for the others. There is a time and a place for an outlander and that place isn’t on missions with a lot of combat!

Better at finding rare lootLow defense
Higher quantity of loot in containersLow offense
Easier to find Treasure chests
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