Divine Beast Vah Medoh Walkthrough

Vah Medoh is the flying bird divine beast in Breath of the Wild. In terms of difficulty, it is much easier than Vah Ruta, but it will still provide a bit of a challenge in that you will need to purchase some special armor or have a lot of food with you to survive the cold.

Stage 1 – Destroying the Cannons

Before you can gain access to this dungeon, you will first need to complete a battle outside. This one is more difficult than the others since the exterior of Vah Medoh has 4 large cannons that shoot the same beam that the guardians shoot. You can potentially die in one hit if you don’t have enough hearts. The key to completing this section is to use the bomb arrows. Stamina doesn’t appear to be an issue so there is no need to worry about the gliding. Glide around to each of the 4 cannons and draw your bow. This will trigger a slow-motion section where you can get a good aim at the cannon. Shoot it with 1 bomb arrow to destroy it.

Since bomb arrows are expensive and rare, make sure you get close to the cannon before wasting an arrow. Its very easy to miss and also guess the distance incorrectly. Be precise and save the bomb arrows for the boss fight. Once you have destroyed all 4 of the cannons you will be able to enter the dungeon.

Stage 2 – Vah Medoh Walkthrough

You should be familiar with the mechanics of the dungeons in this game by now. Use the map to manipulate the structure. In this case, you can alter the direction that the bird is flying in but first you need to access the main terminal to get that control.

Start by making your way into the central room. Shoot the eyeballs near the slime to make it vanish. You will need to make your way to the opposite side of the room to get to the main control computer in order to be able to control vah Medohs flight. Once you have this you can begin hunting for the terminals.

Terminal #1 – Head to the very bottom of the main floor and head outside to the wing that does not contain the little hanging cart thing. Tilt Vah Medoh to the right and the wing will dip down. You will be able to see a room in the distance and when the tilt is complete, this platform will be much lower, allowing you to glide over. Do this and activate the terminal over there. You will need to tilt the opposite way to get back over to the central area.

Terminal #2 – Head to the opposite wing from the one you are at. Tilt Vah Medoh back the other way and the little carriage will slide back over to you. Get inside and tilt it back the other way. There will be an eye/slime blocking the way so have your arrow ready to hit it. If you miss tilt back and repeat until you destroy it. Once destroyed, the carriage will slide into wing platform and you can jump out. Head upstairs to get the terminal. When you activate this terminal, a door will open up, head through this.

Terminal #3 – The next one requires some quick timing and might take a few attempts to get right. Hit the orange crystal so that it turns blue and opens up the window. This will trigger the air to spin both of the fans. Note, both fans will only spin when Vah Medoh is tilted to the left. Equip the stasis rune and aim it at the spinning fan on the right, but do not cast it yet. There is a gate next to this fan. When its spinning the gate is open and closed when it isn’t. Tilt Vah Medoh the opposite way and it will cause a large hammer to slide down toward the orange button. Just before the fan starts to move, cast stasis on it. The gate will close, but it will briefly open again when it unfreezes. The large hammer will slide down and get stuck at the gate. As soon as stasis runs out the gate will open for long enough to let the hammer through and it will hit the button, opening the gate to reveal the 3rd terminal.

Terminal #4 – Head back toward the central area and glide over to the entrance that is on the opposite side of where you are right now. There are many other ways to get here, so just make it over here somehow. There will be a terminal on the left side of this room, hidden behind some slime. Center Vah Medoh so that things are straight and hit the crystal to make the windows open and blow the air. Walk up on top of the platform opposite of the terminal and use the wind to glide over to the terminal. You can also tilt Vah Medoh in such a way that gliding over is possible as in the video below.

Terminal #5 – This is in the room right next to #4. To the right of the door is a bomb hole. Drop a bomb in here and tilt Vat Medoh so that the bomb will roll toward the rock that is blocking the way. When it hits, detonate the bomb to destroy the block. Drop another bomb and this time hit the orange crystal. This will blow the bomb to the left side of the room where you can blow up another broken rock. Inside will be a large metal ball. Grab this ball and bring it over to the area where you dropped the bomb. Make sure to turn off the air using the blue crystal (back to orange). Tilt Vah Medoh back down so the ball rolls and hits the switch at the other side of the room. The door will open and give you access to the final terminal. You can now head up to the top of the dungeon, using the fan in the central room and activate the final terminal to fight the boss.

Stage 3 – Windblight Gannon Walkthrough

The Windblight Gannon fight is actually quite easy, especially if you have bomb arrows left over. Aim for his eye with some arrows, bombs will do the most damage. After enough hits to his eye, he will fall to the ground and you can do some major damage using a sword of some sort. Keep doing this until the second stage of the boss fight.

The second stage is a little more difficult, but the exact same process can be used as before to defeat him, you just need to watch out for the projectiles he fires at you. They are easy to dodge, so just keep dodging them when he fires them. When he flies up high, use the glider on the wind fans to fly up high and hit him with some more arrows until he falls to the ground. When down, hit him some more with the sword until he is dead.

Here is a video on how to defeat the Vah Medoh boss Windblight Gannon in Breath of the Wild.

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