Control Room Walkthrough

Go over to the desk and collect the circuit board that is placed on top of this. The board has 3,10 and 7 written on it. Move around the room and interact with the poster on the wall that has the roman numerals. The bottom will peel away giving you access to a pair of glasses, you cannot use these for anything yet.

On the large computer terminal, check the screen on the top right position. After bringing the door down you will see a bunch of angles on the screen. Take note of these and move left to the machine that has a bunch of dials on it. These angles match up the angle of which you need to turn these dials in order to activate the machine. When you complete this a locker will open up on the bottom and it will contain a battery and a card that contains 1,8,6 and 12. Go over to the other side of the room and interact with the intercom box, this will give you another card with 1,9,2 and 13 written on it.

Combine the battery with the glasses and examine the combined item. Select view A when given the 3 options. This will give you the combination for the roman numerals to match up with decimal numbers.

  • 4 = v
  • 1 = ii
  • 2 = iii
  • 5 = i
  • 3 = iv

The top left monitor on the computer console will have changed now that the door has closed. The following information will now be visible.

  • Red = SE
  • Green = E
  • Blue = N
  • Pink = SW

If you have been looking around the room you will have noticed container like items around the room that match the colors above. When you interact with the item, you will that there is a dial on the top like a compass that has the directions. Spin these so that they match the direction listed above. Once you complete this the floor will open up, there will be input for a password on the bottom.

  • Line 1 = 1,3,4,6
  • Line 2 = 2,3,5,6

Combine the speaker with the glasses and examine them again. This time select option B to learn the movements of the crane. Go to the computer terminal and interact with the crane screen. Move the crane on the following positions to complete the puzzle. Right, Down, Left, Down, Drop.

The computer terminal will now be lit up with a bunch of letters. You will need to use the 4 cards that you collected to figure out what all of the numbers stand for to spell out a word. Once you have matched everything up you will discover that the password is BETESTEDBYFIRE (be tested by fire).

Examine the glasses again and use option C. This time enter the password from above. You will be given a new color/direction pattern. Move the cylinders to match the following.

  • Blue = W
  • Red = NE
  • Pink = S
  • Green = N
  • Black = NW

Connect the plug to the terminal on the floor to complete the room.

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