Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide

Cache Money Treasure Hunt

The cache money treasure hunt is one that can be a tad tricky because the cables that lead you to the solution clip through walls and the environment, making them a little hard to actually follow. This treasure hunt will task you with gaining access to some confiscated treasure inside bunker 2 but bunker 2 is locked.

Check out the video guide below for the cache money treasure hunt to give you the solution on how to get inside bunker 2.

How To Make Bunker Door Stay Open

The bunker door will stay open for a brief moment when you press the button on top of the roof but no matter how quickly you jump down and try to run over, the door is going to close before you get there.

If you look closely inside the door, there are some explosive barrels. You just need to shoot these to cause an explosion which will blow up a hatch on the roof that will allow you to get inside the bunker to claim your treasure.

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