Breath of the Wild Cooking Recipe Duration Bonus Guide

The recipe duration bonus is the amount of time a particular buff will last. If you created a recipe that will give Link a stamina buff, there will also be a duration time for which this bonus will last after consuming it. The less ingredients you use, the shorter the duration will be. Adding an additional basic ingredient can often add minutes onto the total duration, so you should understand how these work in order to maximize the duration of any recipe that you cook.

Each item in the list below will add a set number of seconds to the duration. If you add more than 1 then you can multiply this duration. So if you add 2 monster horns instead of 1 it will add 70 seconds x2.

Any Monster Horn 70
Any Monster Guts 190
Rugged Rhino Beetle 50
Any Monster Fang 110
Hyrule Bass 30
Chillfin Trout 150
Sizzlefin Trout 150
Armored Carp 50
Voltfin Trout 150
Stealthfin Trout 120
Mighty Carp 50
Sanke Carp 30
Mighty Porgy 50
Armored Porgy 50
Sneaky River Snail 120
Ironshell Crab 50
Fairy 30
Winterwing Butterfly 150
Razorclaw Crab 50
Summerwing Butterly 150
Thunderwing Butterfly 150
Smotherwing Butterfly 150
Cold Darner 150
Warm Darner 150
Electric Darner 150
Bladed Rhino Bladed 50
Sunset Firefly 120
Hot-Footed Frog 60
Hightail Lizard 60
Fireproof Lizard 150
Rugged Rhino Beetle 50
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