Ancient Puzzle Solution

If you have entered this room and gave up because you think you need an item you havn’t found yet, then you are not alone. This puzzle is not that easy to solve without some help or a lot of effort. Mainly because the items provided to you inside are not all needed and the clue to the solution is not found inside the puzzle room.

The ancient puzzle can be found in the desert area of the game. The outside is a large tower like building with a similar architecture to the desert temple. You do not need to have any items to solve the puzzle. Everything you need is there already.

How to solve the Ancient Puzzle

The clue to this puzzle is actually outside the room. If you look at the top of the tower, you will see a pattern. If you look closely (at the image above), you will see that the number of squares, match the number of pillars inside the room. There are a few squares missing from the image, so this must mean that either these need to be enabled or disabled?

The answer is enabled. You only need to give power to 6 of the pillars inside the puzzle room. To do this, you will need only two of the four blocks that are supplied to you at the main entrance. It can be a little tricky to get them in the correct position as they seem to like defaulting to the middle where 4 of the pillars have power.

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