Alone in the Dark: Underground Cave Part 1 Game Guide

Alone in the Dark: Underground Cave #1 Game Guide

Welcome to our detailed guide for the suspense-filled Underground Cave level in ‘Alone in the Dark’. Get ready to face off against diabolical monsters in murky waters in one of this game’s most challenging sections.

This guide provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to navigate this labyrinthine cave safely, taking on each monster, and overcoming every obstacle strategically. Find out how to move swiftly and smartly around the dock, avoid unexpected dangers, and cope with a potential fall in the water.

Beyond dealing with the immediate dangers, you will also learn how to navigate your way through passages and handle unexpected encounters. This guide is fully equipped to help you survive not only the darkness but the monstrous threats lurking within it.

Underground Cave Part 1 Step-By-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating the Underground Cave #1 level in the game Alone in the Dark:

Step 1: Beware of the Monster

  • Upon entering the level, be aware that there’s a monster lurking in the water. While it won’t climb out, it can harm your character through its attacks, even if you’re on the dock.

Step 2: Trick the Monster

  • Your objective is to run around the dock swiftly. There’s only one path you can take.
  • If the monster is edging too close and hindering your progress, lure it away, then immediately dash back in your desired direction. Remember, you move faster than the monster and you should be able to track it easily.

Step 3: Stay Dry

  • If you fall into the water, you can climb back up. However, doing so will make your rifle cartridges wet and useless (if you have any left). Besides, you become an easy target for the monster in the water. So, try not to fall.

Step 4: Beware of the Bridge

  • Soon, you’ll encounter a bridge of a lighter shade of brown. You should not walk on it as it is fragile and can break.

Step 5: Jump Over the Bridge

  • With the ‘Jump’ command added to your list of actions after entering the underground, make sure to jump over this brittle bridge.

Step 6: Advance to the Brown Tunnel

  • Once safely over the bridge, climb up the other side to reach a brown tunnel.

Note for experienced players: Instead of following the steps above, if you’re already familiar with the game, you can opt to dive into the water right away and use the less visible underwater passages to quickly get to Underground Cave #3. You can find a spot there to climb back up. This is the fastest but risky path.

Step 7: Brown Tunnel

  • You’ll encounter a grey spider/rat-like monster in the brown tunnel. Simply shoot it until it dies and then proceed through the passage. This will lead you to the second part of the underground cave.

Underground Cave Part 1 FAQ

Q: How do I avoid the monster’s attacks in the water in Underground Cave #1 in Alone in the Dark?

A: Run swiftly around the dock following the only path available. If the monster gets too close and impedes your progress, lure it away and then quickly run back in the desired direction. The monster is slower than your character and can be easily tricked this way.

Q: What happens if I fall into the water in Underground Cave #1?

A: If you fall into the water, you can climb back up. However, any rifle cartridges you have will become wet and unusable, and you become an easier target for the monster. It’s advisable not to fall into the water.

Q: How do I tackle the bridge in a lighter shade of brown in Underground Cave #1?

A: Do not walk on the bridge as it will break down. Instead, use the ‘Jump’ command to jump over the bridge. You gain access to this command after entering the underground.

Q: What should I do when I reach the brown tunnel in Underground Cave #1, Alone in the Dark?

A: Once you reach the brown tunnel, you will encounter a grey spider/rat-like monster. Keep shooting at it until it dies and then proceed through the passage.

Q: Are there faster ways through Underground Cave #1 for experienced players?

A: Yes, experienced players who are already familiar with the game can take a quicker but riskier route. This involves jumping right into the water upon entering the level and using hidden underwater passages to quickly reach Underground Cave #3. From there, they can find a spot to climb back up.

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