Alone in the Dark: The Library

Alone in the Dark - The Library

In the dark and foreboding library of “Alone in the Dark”, you’ll encounter a ghostly threat and uncover more secrets hidden at the game level. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully navigate the Library.

Step-by-Step Guide For The Library

Illuminate the Room

Use your oil lamp for light in the dark library. Keep your hands free for interactions by dropping the lamp on the floor.

Beware of the ‘Vagabond’

The parchment from Jeremy’s Bedroom introduces a purple ghost, the “Vagabond.” It pursues you relentlessly but cannot be defeated by ordinary means. Your only option is to flee from it.

Uncover the Secret Passage

From the entrance, move towards the upper left passage until the path ends. Here lies a peculiar-looking bookshelf concealing a secret passage. To its right, locate and activate a mechanism by placing the False Book you found in Jeremy’s Bedroom.

Enter the Library’s Secret Room

In the secret room, pick up a large talisman and a curved-blade dagger from a shelf. Be cautious of the books present here, especially “De Vermis Mysteriis,” a gold-colored book. Reading it results in instant death, so avoid it!

Revisit the Library

Return to the library proper, drawing the dagger against the ‘Vagabond’. A single strike should suffice to send it back to its realm.

Leave the Library

Before leaving the library, pick up your oil lamp from the floor. Exit through the unopened double doors, which lead to the first-floor lobby. Descend the stairway to reach the ground floor.

Unlock the Cellar

Arriving at the bottom of the stairway, move left and utilize the key you found in the kitchen earlier. This will unlock the left door leading to the cellar.

Remember, continual use of the oil lamp reduces the oil which you need for later stages of the game. Hence, try to navigate swiftly through the library.

Library FAQ

How do I light up the library in Alone in the Dark?

Use your oil lamp to illuminate the dark library. Drop the lamp on the floor to keep the room lit while keeping your hands free for interactions.

How do I deal with the purple ghost (Vagabond) in the library?

You cannot defeat the Vagabond by normal means. The only way to avoid the ghost is to run away from it when you encounter it.

How do I discover and unlock the secret passage in the library?

From the entrance, head to the upper-left end of the library, where you will find a peculiar bookshelf. This bookshelf hides a secret passage. To its right, you will find a mechanism. To unlock the secret passage, place the False Book (which you should have found in Jeremy’s Bedroom) in this mechanism.

What items should I pick up from the library’s secret room?

In the secret room, make sure to pick up the large talisman and a dagger with a curved blade. Be careful with the books here, though. There is a gold-colored book titled “De Vermis Mysteriis” that will lead to instant death if read, so you need to avoid that.

How do I repel the Vagabond in the library?

Once you have acquired the dagger from the library’s secret room, you can use it against the Vagabond. A single strike from the dagger will send the Vagabond back to its realm.

How do I exit the library and get to the cellar in Alone in the Dark?

After dealing with the Vagabond, pick up your oil lamp from the floor and move to exit the library. There are unopened double doors that you can use to leave the library, and these will lead you to the first-floor lobby. From there, go down the stairway to reach the ground floor. Once you reach the bottom of the stairway, turn left, and use the key you got from the kitchen to unlock the left door. This door leads to the cellar.

How can I conserve oil in my lamp while exploring the library?

The oil in the lamp gets used up the longer the lamp is lit. To conserve oil, you need to navigate the library as swiftly as possible. Hurrying through the tasks in the library will help ensure you save enough oil for later parts of the game.

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