Alone in the Dark: The Final Room Game Guide

Alone in the Dark: The Final Room Game Guide

Have you been losing sleep over the intense showdown in Alone in the Dark? Are you yearning for that sweet taste of victory, well, it is almost within reach. Welcome to the ultimate and comprehensive guide that will take you, step-by-step, through the haunting maze, under the starless sky, to the Final Room of Alone in the Dark.

We’ve crafted this handy guide with you in mind. Once it’s done, you’ll be gloating over the enigmatic Pregzt/Pickford’s digital ashes. Game on!

Step By Step Guide For The Final Room

Step 1: Prep and Dive In

Order of the day: Save your game! Trust us on this one. Once you’re all set, make your descent down the eerily silent rock steps until you hit the water.

Step 2: Dodge and Reach the Altar

A monster will start chasing you in the water, and Pregzt/Pickford will begin bombarding you with fireballs. YAOWCH! But hey, keep your cool and ignore these distractions. Your mission is to reach the stone altar in front of the tree. That’s where you’ll find the precious hook. Nab it.

Step 3: Weaken Pregzt/Pickford

Alright, remember that talisman you picked up from the library? Time to make it shine. Plonk it on the altar and watch as the terror of fireballs ceases. But don’t start celebrating yet — Pregzt/Pickford’s still got some life left in him.

Step 4: Light ‘Em Up, Cowboy!

Water’s put out your oil lamp (told you it was going to get wet and wild). Light it up again using your lighter. Matches won’t cut it here — they’re all soggy! Now, with a steady arm and a vengeful spirit, hurl the lit lamp at our tree friend. Let the flames do their work. Pregzt/Pickford? More like Ash/Powder, am I right?

Also, that water monster causing you trouble should disappear too. If not, feel free to discipline it with some revolver shots.

Step 5: Make Your Escape

By now, Pregzt/Pickford is history, so the challenge becomes escaping. It can be a little confusing, but fear not — our trusty guide is here to help!


  • Go to the left side of the room and start your climb upwards.
  • Stand in front of the ominously familiar stone door (think “game over” cinematics). Use your hook to crack it open and waltz through the passage.
  • Head to the lower part of the screen to reappear at the maze’s entrance.
  • Now, rush upwards and apply your hook skills again to unlock another door.
  • One last upward trek and you’ll find yourself back at the first underground cave.
  • Navigate across the cave and climb up, not fretting if you tumble into the water (the monster left a while ago).
  • Push through the red tunnels. When faced with a tunnel choice, always pick right. Kinda like life, but without the existential crisis.
  • Continue until, after passing through a narrow passage, you appear in a cellar. This escape route is accessible whether you removed that pesky wooden block earlier or not.
  • Locate the stairway and ascend to the mansion’s ground-floor hallway.
  • Finally, approach those daunting mansion’s main doors. This time, they’ll open up nice and easy.

Head through those doors, and breathe in that fresh taste of victory. The game is yours, my friend. You’ve beaten Alone in the Dark!

Take a moment to bask in the glory of your feat – you’ve earned it. And remember, every monster-fighting, puzzle-solving, nerve-wracking moment was a testament to your gaming prowess. So here’s to you, the victorious hero of Alone in the Dark. Till our next adventure, champ!

The Final Room FAQ

Q: How to dodge attacks from Pregzt/Pickford and the water monster?

A: Once you splash into the chilling waters, the big bad boss — Pregzt/Pickford, in his grotesque tree-like form, will start pelting you with fireballs. At the same time, a water monster will be hot on your heels. The key here is to ignore them and focus solely on reaching the stone altar in front of the tree. Quick reflexes and a sharp eye are your best pals in this scenario.

Q: What happens when I place the talisman on the altar?

A: Ah, the mysterious talisman! Once you place this item on the stone altar, the fireballs coming from Pregzt/Pickford cease. This spell quiets down the boss, but it doesn’t finish him off. There’s still work to be done!

Q: How do I light the oil lamp after stepping into the water?

A: Your trusty oil lamp will extinguish once you step into the water. But no worries! Fire it up again with the lighter. Matches won’t work here, as they’ll get all soggy in the water. Remember, this lit lamp will be your weapon to vanquish the boss.

Q: What should I do if the water monster is still causing trouble after Pregzt/Pickford is vanquished?

A: You just flambéed a monster tree, a small water monster should be no problem, right? If the water monster continues to bother you after Pregzt/Pickford is down, unload some rounds from your revolver to keep it at bay. That should make it think twice about messing with you.

Q: How do I escape the final room in Alone in the Dark?

A: Escaping the final room can be a bit confusing, but it’s manageable with the right guidance. Navigate to the left side of the room and climb up to a stone door. Use the hook to open it. Then find yourself at the entrance of the maze and use the hook again on the new door at the top. Traverse through the maze till you reach the first underground cave. You can then make your journey through the red tunnels, choosing the right one when offered a choice. After going through a narrow passage, you’ll appear in the cellar. Ascend the stairway, walk down the mansion’s hallway, and exit through the mansion’s main doors to win the game. Voila!

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