Alone in the Dark: Statue Room Guide

Alone in the Dark Statue Room Guide

This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough of how to safely navigate the Statue Room in the game “Alone in the Dark”, including how to collect the three arrows and how to successfully avoid the spiders.

Step-by-Step Statue Room Guide

1. Approaching the Statue of Artemis

Start by heading towards the statue in the room. It’s a statue of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt.

2. Searching the Statue

Perform a detailed search of the statue. Upon doing this, you will find three arrows.

3. Collecting the Arrows

Make sure to pick up all three arrows. These arrows can be used with your bow but hold onto them for now as they’re needed for a specific encounter later in the game. So, make sure not to shoot any of them at this moment.

4. Dealing with the Spider Infestation

The moment you pick up the arrows, spiders will descend from the ceiling. Despite being weak, these spiders can’t be killed. Your best approach here is to quickly backtrack through the door from which you came. Ignore the double doors in the room.

5. Leaving the Room

The spiders won’t follow you out of the room, but if you venture back into the Statue Room, you’ll find them still there blocking your way further in. Don’t worry, you don’t have to return to this room again.

6. Navigating the Remaining Rooms

In the future, you’ll find a different route leading to that unvisited room, so there’s no need to worry about how to get past the spiders blocking your path.

7. Back In The Lobby

You will find yourself back in the lobby. This time you will need to go to the other side of the stairway. You will see an open passage and a door. Go through the door and it will bring you to the kitchen.

Statue Room FAQ

Q1: How do I access the Statue Room in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: To reach the Statue Room, you first need to locate the door from the game’s lobby. The door on the right leads directly to the Statue Room, while the left one is locked and leads towards the cellar.

Q2: What should I collect in the Statue Room in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: Inside the Statue Room, you’ll encounter the statue of Artemis. Upon searching the statue, you will find three arrows, which you’ll need for a specific encounter later in the game. Remember not to use them with your bow before that time.

Q3: How do I deal with the spiders in the Statue Room in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: After collecting the arrows, invincible spiders will descend from the ceiling. Instead of attempting to defeat them, it is best to quickly escape through the same door you entered from.

Q4: What happens if I go back to the Statue Room in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: If you return to the Statue Room after escaping the spiders, they will still be present and block your way, preventing further progress. Fortunately, there’s no need to revisit this room, as you’ll find an alternate route to the unvisited room later in the game.

Q5: Can I use the arrows collected in the Statue Room with my bow in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: Although the arrows can be used with your bow, it’s crucial to save them for a specific encounter later in the game. Make sure not to prematurely shoot any of the collected arrows.

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