Alone in the Dark: Second Floor Lobby Guide

Alone in the Dark Second Floor Lobby Guide

In this guide, we will walk you through the Second Floor Lobby section of the survival horror classic, Alone in the Dark. Prepare for a unique encounter with two invulnerable purple-winged monsters and learn how to eliminate these monstrous obstacles.

Step-by-Step Second Floor Lobby Guide

1. Assessing the Situation

Upon entering the Second Floor Lobby, you’ll notice two stairways blocked by a purple-winged monster on each side. Be advised that these monsters cannot be defeated using conventional weapons or tactics and getting too close to them may break your small mirrors—which could result in an unwinnable game state.

2. Recall the Hint from the Loft

Recall the hint you obtained from the book in the loft regarding small mirrors and statues. This information will help you get rid of the purple-winged monsters without the need for direct confrontation.

3. Placing the Small Mirrors on the Statues

Look for the small statues positioned in the corners of the room. Carefully approach each statue while keeping close to the walls to avoid triggering an attack from the invulnerable monsters. Place a small mirror on each statue (not on the floor) – if done correctly, the statue will hold the mirror in place.

4. Watching the Effects of the Mirrors

After placing the first mirror, the corresponding purple-winged monster should start shrieking and gesticulating. Upon placing the second mirror, both monsters will collapse and die.

5. Proceeding Down the Stairway

With both purple-winged monsters defeated, choose either stairway to descend (both lead to the same destination) and you will find yourself in the first-floor lobby.

Second Floor Lobby FAQ

How do I defeat the purple-winged monsters in the Second Floor Lobby?

The purple-winged monsters cannot be defeated with normal attacks. Instead, you need to utilize the small mirrors in your inventory. Place one mirror on each of the corner statues in the room. When placed, each monster will react and eventually collapse and die.

How do I avoid breaking the small mirrors in the Second Floor Lobby?

Take care to avoid close proximity to the purple-winged monsters in the lobby as they can break the mirrors. To safely place the mirrors, stay close to the room’s walls and carefully approach the statues positioned in the corners of the room.

What should I do after placing the mirrors and defeating the monsters in the Second Floor Lobby?

Once both monsters have been defeated, you can safely proceed down either of the two stairways (as they both lead to the same location) to continue your game.

What happens if I get too close to the purple-winged monsters in the Second Floor Lobby?

Getting too close to these monsters can lead them to attack and possibly break your small mirrors. Losing these mirrors can make your game unwinnable. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain distance by staying close to the room’s walls as you maneuver.

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