Alone in the Dark: Second Floor Bedroom Guide

Second Floor Bedroom Guide

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide for tackling the Second Floor Bedroom in the survival horror classic, Alone in the Dark. Prepare to face a challenging battle against a fearsome bird monster in an enclosed space.

Step-by-Step Second-Floor Bedroom Guide

1. Preparing for the Bird Monster Encounter

Enter the Second Floor Bedroom and brace yourself for an inevitable fight. Either one minute after entering or upon collecting the vase, a bird monster will burst through the window. You cannot prevent this encounter; thus, focus on preparing for the impending battle.

2. Positioning Your Character and Readying Your Weapon

You have a minute before the bird monster jumps in, so utilize this time wisely. Position yourself far enough from the window but still face it. With limited space, it’s crucial to be prepared. Equip the rifle and ready your aim.

3. Defeating the Bird Monster

When the bird monster enters, fire two well-aimed rifle shots to eliminate the threat. If you prefer to fight without the rifle, it’s possible but more challenging due to spatial constraints.

4. Saving the Game (Optional)

In case of significant injury from the bird monster, it is advisable to save the game beforehand, allowing you to retry the encounter.

5. Exploring the Bedroom

With the bird, monster defeated, collect the vase located to the left of the bed. Smash it to retrieve the hidden key inside. Be sure not to pick up the broken vase shards.

6. Unlocking the Dresser

Use the retrieved key to unlock the dresser containing the teddy bear. Collect the two small mirrors inside, but be cautious not to break them; getting hit in subsequent battles may shatter them, rendering your game unwinnable.

7. Leaving the Bedroom

Discard the dresser key, as it is no longer needed. Exit the bedroom through the door. You will find yourself back in the hallway.

8. Proceeding to the Next Room

Once back in the hallway, enter the room located directly across from the current room that will take you into the second-floor bathroom.

The Second Floor Bedroom level of Alone in the Dark poses a significant challenge due to the bird monster encounter. With precise strategy and careful consideration of your actions, you will conquer this challenge and safely continue your journey.

Second Floor Bedroom

How do I prepare for the bird monster encounter in the Second Floor Bedroom in Alone in the Dark?

As soon as you enter the Second Bedroom, you should begin preparing for the impending bird monster encounter. Ideally, position yourself facing the window, but far enough away from it to avoid immediate damage, and ready your rifle.

How do I defeat the bird monster in the Second Floor Bedroom?

Once the bird monster breaks through the window, it can be killed with two well-aimed rifle shots. Although it is possible to fight the bird monster without using the rifle, it’s more challenging due to the confined space of the room.

What should I do after defeating the bird monster in the Second Floor Bedroom?

After the bird monster is defeated, grab the vase located to the left of the bed, and break it to reveal a hidden key. Use this key to unlock the dresser with the teddy bear.

What is inside the dresser and how can I use it?

Inside the dresser, you’ll find two small mirrors. You must be very careful with these mirrors. If they get broken, typically by your character being hit, your game will become unwinnable.

How should I exit the Second Floor Bedroom in Alone in the Dark?

To exit the room, use the door that you initially used to enter. You’ll find yourself back in the hallway. Once there, proceed to the room directly across from the Second Floor Bedroom.

Is it wise to save the game before the bird monster encounters the Second Floor Bedroom?

Yes, it’s a good idea to save your game before entering the Second Floor Bedroom. This allows you to retry the encounter with the bird monster in case you suffer a significant injury.

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