Alone in the Dark: Red Tunnels Game Guide

Alone in the Dark: Red Tunnels Part 1 Game Guide

Welcome to our game guide for one of the most adrenaline-pumping levels in ‘Alone in the Dark’, the notorious Red Tunnels, well the first visit at least. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to guide you through this heart-racing section of the game with ease.

The Red Tunnels are infamous for their deadly giant worm and pesky bird monsters that can quickly turn your game into a nightmare. Is running away your best option, or is there a way to confront these menaces head-on? We have the answers right here!

This guide includes a comprehensive walkthrough, from dealing with the giant worm to strategies to defeat the bird monster. To add even more value, we have added an FAQ section that covers common issues and helps answer queries that most players like you might have during this level.

So, tighten your grip on your controller, keep your eyes on the screen, and brace yourself for the chase of your life. You’re about to dive into Red Tunnels!

Red Tunnels Part 1 Guide

Step 1: Start Running

  • Start your journey through the Red Tunnels by running instead of walking. The path is straightforward with no deviations.

Step 2: Ignore the Giant Worm

  • At some point, you’ll notice a giant worm behind you. Ignore it and continue with your running as this creature can kill your character instantly. If you choose to walk, there’s a high chance that the worm will catch up with you.

Step 3: Choose the Right Tunnel

  • Soon, you’ll reach an area where the path bifurcates into the left and right tunnels. The left one will be blocked by a rock, therefore, you’ll have to take the path on the right.

Step 4: Defeat the Bird Monster

  • A bird monster will be awaiting your arrival in the right tunnel. You can eliminate this threat by using your rifle. Don’t worry about the worm at this point because it will venture through the left tunnel and break the blocking rock.

Step 5: Encounter with the Worm – Again

  • After you defeat the bird monster, proceed toward the bottom of the screen twice. Chances are you’ll encounter the worm again. If it’s not there, it means you were fast enough, and you proceed further.

Step 6: Run Away from the Worm

  • If you confront the worm again, immediately run away and return to the earlier junction where the left tunnel was obstructed.

Step 7: Head to the Left Tunnel

  • This time, the left tunnel will be clear. Walk down this path until you reach a cave with a wooden dock. The worm should not bother you anymore. If for some reason you still see the worm, face it once more and turn back again.

Step 8: Drop Down to The Dock

Red Tunnels Part 1 FAQ

Q: How can I avoid the giant worm in the Red Tunnels #1 in Alone in the Dark?

A: To avoid the giant worm, ensure that you keep running and not walking. The worm is fast, and if you choose to walk, it’s likely to catch up to you. Running will help you gain enough distance to escape.

Q: What do I do when I reach the left and right tunnels in Red Tunnels #1?

A: When you reach the junction with the two tunnels, choose the right one, as the left one will initially be blocked by a rock. The right tunnel will lead you to a confrontation with a bird monster.

Q: How do I get rid of the bird monster in the Red Tunnels #1 in Alone in the Dark?

A: To defeat the bird monster, shoot it down with your rifle. You are safe from the worm in this area, allowing you to focus on the bird monster.

Q: What should I do if I encounter the giant worm again after defeating the bird monster?

A: If you face the giant worm for the second time, run away from it immediately and head back to the intersection with the two tunnels. The left tunnel should now be clear. The worm shouldn’t show up again as long as you follow the instructions in the guide.

Q: How do I proceed if the giant worm is still blocking the left tunnel after I retreat from the second encounter?

A: If the worm is still blocking the left tunnel after your retreat, go back and face it once more. Then, return to the tunnel and check again. The worm should be gone by then.

Q: How do I continue once I reach the cave with the wooden dock in the Red Tunnels #1?

A: Simply drop down to the wooden dock once you arrive at the cave.

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