Alone in the Dark: Living Room Guide

Alone in the Dark Living Room Guide

This guide details navigating the Living Room section of the survival horror game, Alone in the Dark. The Living Room is home to an unfriendly ghost and several useful items.

Step-by-Step Living Room Guide

1. Entering the Room and Acknowledging the Ghost

Upon entering the Living Room, you’ll notice a ghost seated in a chair. It’s important not to touch the ghost, as it will transform into a hostile entity and instantly kill your character.

2. Searching the Cabinet

Locate the cabinet near the door and search for it. Inside, you will find a box of 8 cartridges that you can use to reload your rifle.

3. Obtaining the Gramophone

Walk over to the table housing the gramophone. Take this item whilst remaining cautious not to disturb the ghost.

4. Proceeding to the Other Side of the Room

Now, navigate to the other side of the room. It’s exceedingly important to avoid contact with the ghost as you move around it.

5. At the Chimney

In the vicinity of the chimney, you will find a poker and a matchbox. Leave the poker as it holds no value but take the matchbox.

6. Optional: Viewing the Photo

Optionally, you may wish to examine the photo placed in the corner. This image features Jeremy along with his niece, Emily.

7. Leaving the Room and Proceeding

Carefully exit the room, making sure to avoid touching the ghost. Once back in the First Floor Lobby, choose the passage to the left of the library room this time. Proceed through the door.

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