Alone in the Dark: First Floor Lobby Guide

Alone in the Dark First Floor Lobby Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to move past the perils of the First Floor Lobby section in the game, “Alone in the Dark”. This spot is known for its trickster library door and inanimate, but dangerous, suit of armor.

Step-by-Step First Floor Lobby Guide

1. Arriving at the Lobby

As you enter the First Floor Lobby, you will catch a fleeting sight of the library room. However, the door to this room swiftly closes, accompanied by an unsettling laugh. Don’t attempt to open this door as it is locked.

2. Steering Clear of the Armor

You’ll also notice a suit of armor in the lobby. It’s essential to keep your distance from the armor. If touched, it will come to life and begin to attack. It’s invincible at this stage in the game, so stay clear of it.

3. Choosing Your Route

After noting these hazards, carefully walk towards the passage on the right side of the lobby. It’s crucial to avoid the suit of armor while doing this.

4. Exiting the Lobby

Within the right passage, you will find a door. Approach it carefully and go through it to continue your journey into the living room.

First Floor Lobby FAQ

What happens if I touch the suit of armor in the First Floor Lobby?

If you touch the suit of armor in the First Floor Lobby, it will become animated and start attacking. At this stage of the game, the armor is invulnerable, so it’s best to avoid it altogether.

How can I unlock the library door in the First Floor Lobby?

You’re unable to unlock the library door during your time in the First Floor Lobby. After the door automatically closes, it remains locked for this portion of the game.

What should I do after experiencing the ominous laugh in the First Floor Lobby?

The ominous laugh in the First Floor Lobby is an unsettling part of the game’s atmosphere, but it doesn’t require any action. Avoid the suit of armor and proceed to the right passage, exiting through the door you’ll find there.

What route should I take in the First Floor Lobby of Alone in the Dark?

In the First Floor Lobby, the safest route to take is the passage on the right, avoiding the suit of armor. This will lead you to a door. Go through the door to continue with the game.

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