Alone in the Dark: First Floor Hallway Guide

Alone in the Dark First Floor Hallway Guide

This guide will help you through the First Floor Hallway section in the game “Alone in the Dark”. Here, you’ll find important decision-making points involving the first door and the optional First Floor Bedroom section.

Step-by-Step First Floor Hallway Guide

1. Arrival at the Hallway

You arrive in the hallway with two doors. The first door leads to a bedroom, while the second door leads to a bathroom.

2. Deciding Whether to Enter the First Door (Optional)

Entering the first door (the bedroom) is entirely optional. While it contains Jeremy’s notebook that adds to the game story and reveals a hint about a secret passage in the cellar, it isn’t essential for completing the game. Entering the room will also trigger a bird monster encounter. If you intend to quickly finish the game, skip to step 5.

3. Optional: Entering the First Floor Bedroom

If you choose to enter the bedroom, ignore the closet and curtains, as searching for them provides no valuable elements. Instead, focus on the notebook resting on the chimneypiece.

4. Optional: The Bird Monster Encounter and Reading the Notebook

Upon picking up the notebook, a bird monster that hid behind the curtains arrives to attack. Kill it and read the notebook to learn background information about Jeremy Hartwood’s story. Once done, leave the room.

5. Proceeding to the Second Door: The Bathroom

Be prepared for a possible monster encounter before entering the bathroom—save your game to avoid the risk of unnecessary injuries. Proceed by going through the second door in the hallway, moving on to the first-floor bathroom.

First Floor Hallway FAQ

Q1: Should I enter the First Door on the First Floor Hallway in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: It depends on your game strategy. Entering the first door leads to a bedroom with Jeremy’s notebook that offers a significant background story. However, you must also confront a bird monster. If you’re mainly focused on finishing the game, you can skip this room entirely.

Q2: How do I deal with the Bird Monster in the First Floor Hallway Bedroom?

A: The bird monster appears once you pick up the notebook on the chimneypiece. Prepare for its attack in advance and use your weapon to kill it.

Q3: How can I gather more background stories in the “Alone in the Dark” First Floor Hallway?

A: If the background story is what you’re after, entering the first door (the bedroom) and reading Jeremy’s notebook will provide this. Be aware that this will trigger a bird monster attack.

Q4: What’s in the Second Door on the First Floor Hallway in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: The second door in the hallway leads to another bathroom. Be prepared for a monster encounter upon entering. It’s recommended to save your game before proceeding through this door.

Q5: Should I search the closet and curtains in the First Floor Bedroom?

A: Searching the closet and curtains yields no useful items. The closet is empty, and although investigating the curtains creates a creepy sound, this yields no significant events or items.

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