Alone in the Dark: First Floor Bathroom Guide

Alone in the Dark First Floor Bathroom Guide

This guide focuses on providing a walkthrough for the First Floor Bathroom section in the game “Alone in the Dark”, including encountering the squid-like monster and obtaining the useful items in this room.

Step-by-Step First-Floor Bathroom Guide

1. Entering the First Floor Bathroom

As soon as you enter the room, be aware of the squid-like monster resting in the bathtub. It’s invincible, with long tentacles capable of hitting you anywhere in the room. Your aim should be to quickly grab the necessary items and exit.

2. Identifying Items for Collection

There are two items in this room: a first aid kit and a jug. Both items aren’t mandatory, but they can be significantly beneficial for your survival. The first aid kit increases your energy while the jug can simplify tasks.

3. Collect the First Aid Kit

Open the cabinet to uncover the first aid kit. Unlike the one in the upper bathroom, this kit boosts your energy by 20 units. Open the kit, consume the flask inside, and drop any empty items. Don’t hesitate to use the kit, as your energy can exceed the initial limit of 20.

4. Grab the Jug

After collecting the first aid kit, pick up the jug found near the cabinet. Keep in mind that every second counts with the squid-like monster present.

5. Handling Items Collection and Monster Encounter

Grabbing both items while avoiding the monster’s attack is challenging. It’s recommended to adopt a hit-and-run strategy—dash in, take one item, rush out, and repeat for the second item. It’s understandable to take a hit in this process.

If your health deteriorates significantly, consider reloading your game. Nevertheless, grabbing the first aid kit can counteract the damage you may sustain during item collection, making it a preferred choice.

6. Exiting the First Floor Bathroom

Once you’ve collected both items, make a prompt exit from the room. Continue by heading down the hallway and proceed through the next door to find yourself in the dark room.

First Floor Bathroom FAQ

Q1: How can I deal with the squid-like monster in the First Floor Bathroom in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: The squid-like monster in the bathtub is invincible and cannot be killed. Therefore, your goal should be quick item collection and exiting the room. The monster cannot leave the bathtub, but its tentacles can reach anywhere in the room, so always keep moving.

Q2: What items should I collect in the First Floor Bathroom in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: In the First Floor Bathroom, you should collect the first aid kit and the jug. While these items aren’t mandatory to complete the game, they significantly aid your progress. The first aid kit replenishes your energy, while the jug can be helpful in various tasks.

Q3: How to use the First Aid Kit in the First Floor Bathroom in “Alone in the Dark”?

A: Open the first aid kit to find a flask inside. Drink the contents of the flask to increase your energy by 20 units. You can then drop the empty flask and box. Remember that your energy can exceed the initial limit of 20, so don’t hesitate to use the kit.

Q4: How can I avoid getting hit by the monster while collecting the items in the “Alone in the Dark” First Floor Bathroom?

A: Avoiding the monster’s attacks while collecting the items can be a challenge. An effective strategy is to swiftly enter the room, grab one item, exit the room, then repeat for the other item. A few hits are acceptable, but consider reloading your game if you sustain heavy damage.

Q5: Should I reload my game if I take heavy damage in the First Floor Bathroom?

A: It depends on how much damage your character takes during the item collection phase in the First Floor Bathroom. A few hits from the monster are acceptable and can be restored by the first aid kit. However, if you incur heavy damage, it is advisable to reload your game to maintain your character’s health.

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