Alone in the Dark: Dark Room Guide

Alone in the Dark Dark Room Guide

This guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for the Dark Room section in the game “Alone in the Dark”. This room is completely dark, but you can navigate it with the help of the oil lamp to collect essential items.

Step-by-Step Dark Room Guide

1. Entering the Dark Room

As you enter the Dark Room, you’ll be surrounded by complete darkness. Retrieve your matchbox and use it to light your lamp, which you must have filled with oil beforehand. This will enable you to see the room’s interior clearly.

2. Collect the Heavy Statuette

Walk towards the table in the room and pick up the heavy statuette. Although it is quite a burden, if you have followed prior instructions, you should be able to carry it without dropping anything else.

3. Background Story: “Diary of a Journey”

You will also encounter a book titled “Diary of a Journey” on the table. This book contains a background story and is not essential to complete the game. It is recommended to leave the book behind.

4. Gather Revolver Bullets

Next, search the night table to find six revolver bullets. While you may not have a revolver yet, you will find one later in the game. Note that the room will turn dark while searching the night table unless you place your lamp on the floor. Afterward, you can use the lamp again to light the room.

5. Exit the Dark Room and Conserve Lamp Oil

After gathering the necessary items, leave the room and place the lamp back into your inventory by selecting another action. This will help you conserve lamp oil, which is limited. You will need the lamp for future tasks.

6. Redirect and Return to the Lobby

Once you have left the Dark Room, avoid the door at the end of the hallway for now. Instead, backtrack and make your way back to the lobby for further exploration.

Dark Room FAQ

Q1: How can I navigate in the Dark Room in “Alone in the Dark”?A: To navigate in the Dark Room, use your matchbox to light up the lamp, assuming it’s previously filled with oil. This will illuminate the room, allowing you to move around and find items.

Q2: What items do I need to gather in the Dark Room in “Alone in the Dark”?A: In the Dark Room, you will need to collect the heavy statuette and revolver bullets. Although the book “Diary of a Journey” is present, it doesn’t contribute to the progression of the game and can be left behind.

Q3: How can I carry the heavy statuette in “Alone in the Dark”?A: Despite the weight of the statuette, if you have followed prior game instructions, you should be able to carry it without dropping any other items. The statuette is an important item to collect from the Dark Room.

Q4: The Dark Room goes dark when I search the night table in “Alone in the Dark”. What can I do?A: The room turns dark because you’re no longer holding the lamp when you search the night table. After collecting the revolver bullets from the table, you can use your lamp again to illuminate the room.

Q5: How can I conserve lamp oil in “Alone in the Dark”?A: To conserve lamp oil in the game, remember to put it back into your inventory when you’re done using it. Select any other action to do so. Despite the abundance of oil, it comes in limited supply, and you will need the lamp for future tasks.

Q6: Where should I go after leaving the Dark Room in “Alone in the Dark”?A: After collecting all necessary items and exiting the Dark Room, avoid the door at the end of the hallway. Instead, backtrack your route and return to the lobby for the continuation of the game.

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