Alone in the Dark: Cavalry Sabre Room Guide

Alone in the Dark Cavalry Sabre Room Guide

This guide will cover the Cavalry Sabre Room of the classic survival horror game, Alone in the Dark. This guide aims to provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough, tackling potential problems and showcasing the most effective strategies to navigate this level.

Step-by-Step Cavalry Sabre Room Guide

1. Entry and Potential Zombie Encounter

As you move carefully into this room, note that stepping on the carpet triggers an automatic door that will shut behind you. This action typically unleashes a zombie lurking in the shadows. However, zombies in “Alone in the Dark” are notorious for being slow and predictable, making them easier to defeat. An alternative strategy to avoid this encounter altogether is to tightly hug the room’s walls. With perfect positioning, the door won’t close and no zombie will appear.

2. Discover the Key

Whether you choose to confront the zombie or stealthily avoid it, your next task is to search the desk situated in the corner of the room. This exploration will yield a key, essential element to continue your progression.

3. Opening the Chest and Acquiring the Sabre

You will notice a locked chest in the room. Fortunately, the key that you’ve found can unlock it. Open the chest to discover an old cavalry sabre inside. While this sabre serves as a weapon, do note that its age makes it susceptible to breakage if used frequently. Despite this fragility, the sabre will play a significant role later in the game, so it’s imperative to keep it safe. Should it break, ensure that you preserve both the broken hilt and the blade.

4. Discard the Key

With the sabre in your possession, the key has now served its purpose. You can drop it to free up space in your inventory.

5. Exit Battle (Optional)

As you prepare to exit the Cavalry Sabre Room, recall your initial decision. If you chose to avoid the zombie encounter by hugging the walls, freely walk through the doorway. However, if you engaged the zombie, prepare for another confrontation. We recommend using your kick attack to fend off the monster.

6. Proceed to the Next Room

Once you’ve dealt with the zombie, return to the hallway and proceed to the dressing room directly across from the Cavalry Sabre Room.

Cavalry Sabre Room FAQ

Q1: What happens when I step on the carpet in the Cavalry Sabre Room? A: Stepping on the carpet triggers the door to close, and a zombie appears. However, you can avoid this encounter by hugging the room’s walls when you enter.

Q2: How can I avoid the zombie encounter in the Cavalry Sabre Room? A: By hugging the walls of the room as you navigate, the door should not close behind you, and you can avoid triggering the zombie encounter.

Q3: Where can I find the key in the Cavalry Sabre Room?A: The key can be found by searching the desk located in the corner of the room.

Q4: The chest in the Cavalry Sabre Room is locked. How do I open it? A: The key you found in the desk opens this locked chest.

Q5: Can the old cavalry sabre break? If it does, can I still use it? A: Yes, the old cavalry sabre can break due to its age. However, even if it’s broken, it still has a unique use later in the game. Make sure to keep both the broken sabre and the blade.

Q6: Do I need to keep the key after unlocking the chest in the Cavalry Sabre Room? A: No, once you have used the key to unlock the chest and retrieve the sabre, you can discard the key.

Q7: If I didn’t avoid the zombie earlier, will it be there waiting when I exit the Cavalry Sabre Room? A: Yes, expect another zombie encounter when you attempt to leave. You can defeat it by continuously kicking.

Q8: Which room should I enter after exiting the Cavalry Sabre Room? A: Once you’re back in the hallway, go directly across from the Cavalry Sabre Room and enter that door.

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