999 Door 8: Laboratory Walkthrough

Door 8: Laboratory Guide

Welcome to Door 8: Laboratory Guide, where Junpei, Clover, and Lotus must work together to tackle various tasks and unravel intricate puzzles shrouded in mystery after making it through the operating room behind door 7. Set in a split laboratory, this room challenges the players to uncover key information about prosopagnosia and Snake’s past. Communication and quick thinking are essential to overcome the obstacles and save Clover in this exciting, yet eerie, research facility. Follow the step-by-step guide, questions, and answers to assist you in deciphering the unique challenges and ensuring the team’s escape from the labyrinth of the laboratory.

Door 8: Laboratory Guide

In Door 8, Junpei, Clover, and Lotus find themselves in a Laboratory. This guide will help you navigate through various tasks and engage in conversations to uncover significant plot points, like prosopagnosia and Snake’s arm.

Exploring the Laboratory

  1. Upon entering the room, you’ll find Clover trapped in another section of the laboratory featuring a mannequin and equipment. Meanwhile, accessible to Junpei, are lockers, a computer, and machines.

Powering the Computer

    1. Examine the machines and locate a small tower of equipment on the right, where a power cable can be found. Take the power cable.
    2. Take the power cable to the computer and attempt to connect it. However, a three-prong to two-prong adapter is missing.
    3. Observe Clover’s area through a large window, and tap the machine near the mannequin’s head. Clover retrieves the adapter for you.
    4. To obtain the adapter from Clover, tap on the bars separating the two sections of the lab.
    5. Combine the adapter with the power cable, and use it on the computer monitor.

Learning about Prosopagnosia

    1. A lengthy scene unfolds in which Lotus discusses prosopagnosia and human brains.

Solving the Panel Puzzle

  1. The computer screen presents a puzzle in which you must turn all the panels green. Only four panels can be touched before the puzzle automatically resets. Press the panels in this order: 3×2 x1x xx4.

note: Although Clover’s area provides the solution under some permanent marker on a table next to the mannequin, you can also discover the solution independently.

    1. Upon solving the puzzle, the lockers unlock. Examine the nine lockers on the right side, focusing on the middle one.
    2. Inside the middle locker, find both the activation key and the Earth key. Collect them.

Talking to Clover about Snake

    1. Clover initiates a conversation with Junpei about her brother, Snake, who lost his sight and left arm in a car accident.

Activating the Computer Monitor

    1. Turn your attention to the machines, and zoom in on the computer monitor near the keyboard.
    2. Insert the activation key into the keyhole located on the left side, turning on the monitor.
    3. Read the monitor information to learn that power has been restored to Clover’s area.

Saving Clover from the Fire

    1. Observe Clover’s area through the window once again and tap on the upper-left machine connected to the mannequin through numerous cables.
    2. Tap on the machine a second time, prompting Clover to turn it on at full power.
    3. A fire starts, and the emergency escape system activates.
    4. Face the exit doors— open the door on the right to save Clover and the door on the left to exit the laboratory.

By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll have successfully navigated the challenges and conversations in Door 8’s Laboratory, guiding Junpei, Clover, and Lotus closer to uncovering the story’s mysteries.

Questions and Answers for Door 8: Laboratory

Q1: How do I power the computer in the Laboratory?

A1: Find the power cable on a small tower of equipment on the room’s right side. Ask Clover for a three-prong to two-prong adapter and combine it with the power cable. Then, use the connection cable on the computer monitor.

Q2: What is the solution to the panel puzzle in the Laboratory?

A2: Press the panels in this order to turn all the panels green: 3×2 x1x xx4. The puzzle will then be solved, and the lockers will unlock.

Q3: How do I find the activation key and Earth key in the Laboratory?

A3: After solving the panel puzzle, examine the middle locker among the nine lockers on the right side. Both the activation key and the Earth key will be inside. Collect them.

Q4: How do I restore power to Clover’s area in the Laboratory?

A4: Insert the activation key into the keyhole on a computer monitor near the keyboard within the machines section. Power will be restored to Clover’s area.

Q5: How do I save Clover from the fire in the Laboratory?

A5: Once the fire starts and the emergency escape system activates, turn to face the exit doors. Open the door on the right to save Clover and the door on the left to exit the laboratory.

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