999 Door 6: Engine Room Walkthrough

Door 6: Engine Room Guide

Welcome to the guide for Door 6, where your journey will take you through the mysterious and complex Engine Room. You will reach this room after completing the confinement room behind Door 2. As Junpei, accompanied by Ace, June, and Santa, you will face challenging puzzles and discover intriguing plot points, including Santa’s sister’s story, the effects of life-threatening situations on telepathic abilities, a loaded gun, and Ace’s unique vision problem. This environment is filled with mechanical wonders and puzzling contraptions to explore, where every step brings you closer to the truth. Prepare yourself for an exciting narrative and intellectual challenge, as you delve into this intricate, multi-layered part of the Nonary Game. Get ready for a thrilling adventure as you navigate your way to either the knife or the safe ending.

Door 6: Engine Room Guide

Join Junpei, Ace, June, and Santa as they venture through Door 6 and into the mysterious Engine Room. Navigate the challenging puzzles and uncover important plot points, including life-threatening danger’s role in telepathy, Santa’s sister, a loaded gun, and Ace’s vision problem. Follow this informative step-by-step guide to successfully conquer Door 6.

    1. Begin on the bottom level of the Engine Room. Turn right and tap the stairs to go up. Ignore the puzzle on the wall and climb the stairs again.
    2. Enter the A door and find yourself in an area with three doors (A, B, and C). Alphabetical order dictates that B comes after A, so go through the B door next.
    3. In the B area, turn right and find a winch in the corner. Tap on it and the wheel, but Junpei will accidentally remove the wheel.
    4. Return to the three-door area and go through the C door. Use the wheel on the C area’s winch and lower the crate to the ground. Santa will discuss lab rats and telepathic powers in life-or-death situations.
    5. Head back through the C and A doors, then go down the stairs to the conveyor belt. Examine the crate (left of the conveyor) to obtain a control panel.
    6. Open the small door (on the conveyor tunnel’s side) and insert the control panel. The conveyor belt will fill the crate with coal.
    7. Pick up the crate, turn left, and zoom in on the three circles on the furnace. Fill them with coal.
    8. Climb the stairs and pull the rightmost switch on the device to ignite the furnace. Inspect the large gears by the stairs.
    9. Each gear has a disc attached. Go up the stairs near the gears at the end of the hallway, where you’ll find a device for the three discs.
    10. Arrange the discs in the correct positions: silver on top, bronze on the right, and gold on the left. Tap each disc so that they form a large star polygon.
    11. Exit the room through the door to the Cargo Room.
    12. In the Cargo Room, find the cards for all the contestants in the Nonary Game. Examine the bags and crates as well as the blue boxes.
    13. Use the cards on the boxes. Junpei is interrupted by June collapsing. Santa reveals that Ace is the President of Cradle Pharmaceutical.
    14. When Junpei returns to Ace, he discovers Ace has vision problems. If you went through Door 8 before this one, Junpei realizes Ace may have prosopagnosia.
    15. Go up to the top of the stairs and use the numbered pins on the machine. Perform a series of number puzzles to light up numbers 1 through 8.
    16. When all the lights are on, a shutter to the right opens, revealing a magic square. The goal is to have every row, column, and diagonal equal 15.
    17. Power on the machine to activate a pushing puzzle. Complete the puzzle by moving the blocks into position.
    18. Climb the boxes to the other side of the electrified fence.
    19. Inspect the coffin on the crates. It holds a gun and a key to the exit door. Leave the loaded gun behind.
    20. Use the key on the exit door. After this, you will either receive the knife ending or the safe ending.

Questions & Answers for Door 6: Engine Room

Q: How do I solve the wheel and winch puzzle in the B and C areas? A: Remove the wheel from the winch in the B area. Then, head over to the C area and attach the wheel to the winch there. Turn the wheel to lower the crate to the ground.

Q: What should I do with the coal-filled crate? A: Pick up the coal-filled crate and turn left to find the three circles on the furnace. Fill the circles with coal from the crate.

Q: How do I ignite the furnace? A: Climb the stairs and find the device on the wall with switches. Pull the rightmost switch to ignite the furnace and set the large gears in motion.

Q: What’s the correct order for the three discs in the device near the gears? A: Arrange the discs in the correct positions as follows: silver on top, bronze on the right, and gold on the left. Tap each disc to form a large star polygon.

Q: How do I solve the magic square puzzle in Cargo Room? A: Rearrange the numbers in the magic square so that the sum of every row, column, and diagonal equals 15. The correct arrangement is:

8 1 63 5 74 9 2

Q: What is the solution to the number puzzles with the numbered pins? A: Place the pins on the machine and light up numbers 1 through 8 by using the following digital roots:

6 = 9877 = 1241 = 9468 = 1252 = 1373 = 9844 = 7425 = 986

Q: How do I complete the pushing puzzle on the machine’s screen? A: Follow these steps to move the blocks into position:

  1. Up, right, up, right, right, down, right, down, down, down
  2. Left, left, up, right, down, right, up
  3. Down, left, left, left, up, left, up, up, right, right, right
  4. Down, down, left, down, right

Q: What should I do with the cards found in the Cargo Room? A: Use the cards on the boxes in the cargo area to solve the card placement puzzle and receive numbered pins.

Q: How do I exit Door 6? A: After completing all the puzzles and finding the key in the coffin, use it on the exit door to leave Door 6. You will then experience either the knife ending or the safe ending, depending on your previous choices.

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