999 Door 5 : First Class Cabin Walkthrough

999 Door 5

Welcome to Door 5 Room from 999. You will reach this room after making your way through the kitchen. In this challenge, Seven, Snake, and Junpei find themselves in the First Class Cabin, where they must navigate through a series of interconnected rooms to ultimately unlock the exit door. The Door 5 Room offers a fascinating combination of exploration, strategy, and problem-solving that will test your skills throughout various scenes, including a piano puzzle, a hidden safe, and a casino game of baccarat. Prepare to immerse yourself in the enigmatic world behind Door 5, where every decision counts and teamwork is essential for success.

Door 5 Room Guide

Finding the First A Score Plate

  1. Seven, Snake, and Junpei enter the First Class Cabin through Door 5.
  2. Look under the pillow of the canopy bed to find the A Score Plate.
  3. Listen to Snake talk about his blindness for a while.

Locating the C Score Plate

  1. Locate the two side-by-side doors in the room, and open the right door.
  2. In this new room, find the locked safe, which is important in the safe ending.
  3. For now, open the cabinet below the safe to obtain the C Score Plate.

Exploring the Hallway and Collecting the G Score Plate

  1. Go back to the First Class Cabin and open the left door to access the hallway.
  2. In the hallway, find two doors onscreen. The left one leads to the bathroom, and the right one leads to a sitting room.
  3. Enter the sitting room.
  4. Grab the vase located to the left of the two side-by-side doors.
  5. Open the left door and open the cabinet inside to find the G Score Plate.

Obtaining the D Score Plate

  1. Go through the right door to return to the hallway.
  2. Find three doors. The left one leads to the room with the piano, the middle one to the bathroom, and the right one to a toilet.
  3. Go to the bathroom (the middle door).
  4. Fill the vase with water from the bathtub, then pull the plug (on the left) to drain the tub. This will reveal the D Score Plate.

Extinguishing the Fireplace and Gathering All Score Plates

  1. Return to the sitting room and use the vase of water to extinguish the fire in the fireplace.
  2. Retrieve the final score plate above the fireplace, which does not have any notes or transparency.
  3. Picking up this plate will start a conversation with Seven about his amnesia.

Solving the Piano Puzzle and Unlocking the Exit Door

  1. Make your way to the piano room (the right door of the set of two doors, then the left door).
  2. Remove the map from the piano and place the score plates on the music stand.
  3. Play a short song on the piano, the Westminster Quarters, by figuring out which piano keys match which notes.

The solution is as follows:

3, 4, 5, 63, 5, 4, 34, 3, 5, 66, 5, 4, 3

  1. Successful completion of the song unlocks the exit door. Go through it.

Navigating the Ship and Reaching the Casino

  1. Snake, Seven, and Junpei explore the ship (finding most areas locked) until they arrive at the casino.

Casino: Gathering Playing Cards and Playing Baccarat

  1. In the casino, collect nine playing cards and get ready to play baccarat.
  2. Find the following cards:
  • 4 card: Under the glasses (on the wall of the bar)
  • 5 card: On a square table
  • 6 card: On the mantle of the fireplace
  • 7 card: On the bar counter
  1. Go to the fireplace, turn on the two lights on the mantle, and see the club, diamond, and heart symbols. Turning on the lights makes a bag of coins appear in the fireplace below.
  2. Head to the slot machines and use the middle one. Put a coin in the slot, select “spin roulette,” and press the buttons from the fireplace lights: club, diamond, and heart. This causes Junpei to get 777 on the slot machine, unlocking the bottom drawer. Open it and take the 2 card and Venus key.
  3. Go to the baccarat table in the corner, which is red. Pick up the 3 card.
  4. Tap on the glass plate in the middle of the baccarat table to reveal the 8 card. Play baccarat against this card to unlock it. To achieve a digital root of 9, play cards 2, 3, and 4.
  5. Win the baccarat game and obtain the 8 card.

Unlocking the Exit Door

  1. Approach the exit door (past the slot machines) and find a 9 lock containing the ace card.
  2. Insert the 8 card into the lock (considering the ace card as 1) to create a total digital root of 9.
  3. Open the new lock that appears by inserting the three cards—2, 3, and 4—into the three slots.
  4. The exit door is now unlocked—open it and leave the room.

Room 5 Questions & Answers

Q1: How can I find all Score Plates in Door 5 Room?

A1: There are four Score Plates you need to find:

  • A Score Plate: Under the pillow of the canopy bed.
  • C Score Plate: In a cabinet below the locked safe, found by opening the right door of the two side-by-side doors.
  • G Score Plate: Inside the cabinet found by opening the left door from the sitting room.
  • D Score Plate: Drain the bathtub in the bathroom after filling the vase with water.

Q2: How do I put out the fire in the fireplace to get the last Score Plate?

A2: Fill the vase with water from the bathtub and then use the vase of water on the fireplace in the sitting room to extinguish the fire.

Q3: How do I solve the piano puzzle in Door 5 Room?

A3: Place the Score Plates on the music stand and play the Westminster Quarters. The keys are mixed up, so the solution is:

3, 4, 5, 63, 5, 4, 34, 3, 5, 66, 5, 4, 3

Q4: How do I collect all playing cards and beat the 8 card in baccarat in the casino room?

A4: Find the cards in these locations:

  • 4 card: Under the glasses (on the wall of the bar)
  • 5 card: On a square table
  • 6 card: On the mantle of the fireplace
  • 7 card: On the bar counter
  • 2 card: In the bottom drawer of the middle slot machine after getting 777
  • 3 card: On the red baccarat table

To beat the 8 card in baccarat, place cards 2, 3, and 4 into the game.

Q5: How do I unlock the exit door in the casino room?

A5: Add the 8 card to the lock with the ace card already present. Then, open the new lock by inserting the 2, 3, and 4 cards into the corresponding slots.

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