999 Door 4: Cabin Walkthrough

999 Door 4 Room

Ready to tackle Door 4 in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors? This step by step guide will bring you through all of the puzzles and steps needed to complete this room.

Second Class Cabin

  1. Santa, Lotus, June, and Junpei step through Door 4 and find themselves in the Second Class Cabin, which has some interesting plot points like All-Ice, the clover bookmark, telepathy, and Ice-9.
  2. The cabin consists of two rooms: one with June and Junpei, and another with Santa and Lotus.

June and Junpei’s Room

  1. First, check the table in the middle of the living room to find matches. June and Junpei have a moment, reminiscing and flirting a little. Ah, young love.
  2. Head into the bedroom and open the dresser drawer to find a key. Take the map from the wall above the bed too. Brace yourself for some fascinating chit-chat about the Titanic and a frozen Egyptian princess who never melted!
  3. Leave the bedroom and take the door on the left, heading into Lotus’ room.

Lotus and Santa’s Room

  1. This room is like a mirror image of June and Junpei’s room. Grab the candle from the table and combine it with the matches to create a light source.
  2. Venture into the bedroom and use the lit candle to brighten things up. Unlock the dresser using the key and take out a plate.
  3. Examine the bed and snag the curtain from on top. As you back away, the candle goes out, but don’t forget to pick up the candlestick holder!
  4. Head back to the living room and use the candlestick holder as a key to open the display case. Take the black-and-white plate inside.
  5. Santa tries to give Junpei a Clover bookmark during their conversation. Make sure you take it from him! If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the true ending.
  6. Walk down the hallway and enter the bathroom. Face the exit door and notice the shower curtain rod on the ceiling. Attach the shower curtain to it.
  7. Turn around, face the shower wall, and pull the curtain shut. Peek through the hole and note the tile that’s fifth from the top and third from the right.
  8. Return to June’s bathroom and tap the same tile (fifth from the top and third from the right). Junpei will pull it out.
  9. Leave the bathroom and take a good look at the picture hanging in the hallway.
  10. Head back to Lotus and Santa’s room, and use the three tiles on their hallway picture. Swap and rotate the tiles so they match the picture in June’s room. Once the puzzle is completed, the picture drops, revealing a Mars key.
  11. Lotus tells Junpei about Sheldrake’s theories on telepathy, which involves something called a “morphogenetic field.” It’s quite the convo!
  12. Finally, exit the room and use the Mars key to unlock the double doors. Our heroes proceed through and find themselves in a kitchen. Congrats, you made it!

And that’s it!

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